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Learn to Sew

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If you're anything like me,  there is something inside you that just needs to make things. 

There's that niggling feeling that won't go away saying 'I really want to learn to sew' but something is stopping you?  Maybe you bought a shiny new machine, with good intentions, but are scared to even get it out of the box or you've acquired Grandma's but it's gathering dust somewhere in the attic!

~ No matter what your answer or age, it's never too late to learn to sew ~

I was fortunate to have been introduced to sewing as a young girl at school.  Sadly this education is rarely offered to children today and once my own arrived there was little time for me.  It wasn't until many years later, whilst living in the USA (I'll save that story for later) that my passion for sewing was reignited.  I remember chatting with a friendly neighbour.  She'd just made herself a lovely new outfit.  She proudly invited me in to see her sewing space, and that was it, I was hooked and asked if she would teach me to sew. 

It was these precious 1:1 beginner sewing sessions that kicked started my own sewing journey.  They gave me the confidence to have a go ...... and as you might have guessed, the rest is history and I've been sewing ever since.

Did you also know .... studies have indicated that sewing is good for our health!  When we focus our physical and mental energies on a sewing project, we temporarily stop worrying about our everyday problems like paying the bills or that disagreement with a friend earlier.  Sewing allows us time to rebuild and to put things into perspective.  And to top it all, there's also that great sense of achievement once the project is finished, be it in a couple of hours or in a few weeks time.

At Linen and Letters all the classes are held at my home in Fearnhead, Warrington, Cheshire. The classes are very relaxed with tea/coffee at hand. You can bring your own machine or borrow one of mine.  We start from the very basics, by simply switching the machine on if need be and take things very slowly and at your pace.  Patience is a skill I've learn't from raising my 4 kids.

I can teach you 1:1 in a private session (how i started) or why not come with a friend.  There is also the opportunity to hold group classes of up to 6 people.  We will make simple, easy and fun projects to take home.

My children have all grown up now and I'm wanting to share my knowledge in a sociable way, so come along and we can unlock a whole new world of creativity together!

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