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5 Steps to Choosing Bathroom Curtains

5 Steps to Choosing Bathroom Curtains

There are so many options when it comes to deciding on window treatments for your home. However, unlike the rest of the house, the bathroom has more scope for creativity as well as practical needs and so, here is a guide to choosing the perfect covering for your bathroom window.
1. Privacy Issue
One of the key things  to consider for your bathroom is privacy. After all, the last thing you need is the neighbours peering in when you're taking a shower! Some of us are blessed with a frosted window which distorts the visibility to a degree, but the window still feels cold and undressed without the presence of a curtain. Hence some sort of covering is welcome but not at the expense of my next point....
2.  Let there be Light
Ladies, how important is it to have natural light in your bathroom? Sooo important i hearing you shouting!  From my experience, I can safely say that my bathroom mirror is the only one in the house which speaks the truth. I can't put my make up on anywhere else and this is down to the natural light that streams in from the window, so this is definite factor to consider when choosing a curtain. Heavy curtains or a blind which needs to be constantly opened and shut is a big no, no. Here is an idea which combines both the privacy issue and yet is very decorative, our linen valance tie up curtain .  The personalised 100% linen overlay offers a pretty decorative finish and frames the window whilst the sheer body offers practical daytime privacy, allowing the sunlight to be filtered and you can tie it at whatever height you desire.
3.  Fabric choice
 Your fabric choice is paramount to keeping your bathroom fresh. Extractor fans and air conditioning are a source of ventilation however, these will not keep your bathroom completely dry. Showering or bathing will create a damp atmosphere and cause moisture which is why a durable, absorbent fabric made of natural fibres is necessary to prolong the life of your curtains. Linen is a great choice as it can absorb as much as 20% of its moisture before feeling wet which will reduce the likelihood of mildew and condensation.
5 Steps to Choosing Bathroom Curtains
4. How to fit your curtain
Fitting your curtain too closely to the window so it is always best to hang your curtain at least an inch away from the glass window so that air can circulate freely.  Attaching the rod/pole to the window frame or above on the wall is the most preferable.
You will also need to collate the correct measurements and here at Linen and Letters we offer a bespoke "made to measure" service so that your curtain fits your window perfectly. Here is more information about measuring.  If you are not planning on using a made to measure service, then you need to find the next best fit from what Is available off the shelf and always remember to buy too big rather than too small. You should also to be mindful of how your window opens, as you don't want curtains which obstruct this function.
5.  What's your Theme
So now the practicalities have been taken care can let your creative juices flow and have a little fun.  This is one room in the house where you can think out of the box  and explore less conventional options and that includes the window.  We love the theme ideas here "Unconventional ways to decorate your bathroom"  by Peggy Wang.  A few key pieces is all that is needed says Sue Pelley, national spokeswoman for Interiors by Decorating Den. "Anything done to excess in decor, even decor for kids, doesn't work" and the window is one area that you could play with, maybe something with a neutral base, and then a splash of colour from an embroidered monogram or embroidery design such as, our cheeky bathtub valance made with 100% white linen and decorated with an a vintage claw foot bath.  See it here on at my Amazon store.
I hope this post has given you food for thought and maybe answered some of your niggling questions but if there is still a window that you need help with feel free to message us.  

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5 Steps to Choosing Bathroom Curtains | Linen and Letters ... 5 Steps to Choosing Bathroom Curtains | Linen and Letters ...