Meet the Team

When you order from Linen & Letters, you’re not purchasing a mass-produced product from a factory in a far-off land. All our linens are created by a small hand picked team of skilled ladies located either here in Cheshire, UK or in our studio in Lithuania, Europe .  Our products are lovingly handmade and carefully packaged before being sent to your door. Come and meet the women behind the machines:

Jacq – Founder & Designer

Jacq @ Linen and Letters

Jacq is our founder and driving force behind Linen & Letters.   When her children were very small the family moved to Texas USA where Jacq discovered the art of machine embroidery.  The family then headed to Europe and set up home in a small village in southern rural France which I understand was quite the culture shock! She fell in love with the beautiful antique linens and lace curtains the French use to dress their windows.  A decade later and the family returned to the UK where Jacq decided to combine her knowledge of American and French cultures with her sewing and embroidery skills into an online boutique business and Linen & Letters was born.

Jacq started the company by working alone for many years, designing and making her own embroidered curtains, using inspiration from the diverse cultures she experienced on her travels, sourcing the quality linen fabric directly from France and growing the business by listening to what her customers' wanted.  Along with her technical knowledge she built her small e-commerce shop, initially set up on Etsy, into a sustainable business.  Linen & Letters is truly a passion project!   

Jacq loves creating new products and especially custom pieces for her customers’ homes. Need help with a project? Send her an email  She values high quality materials and workmanship, so rest assured Linen & Letters products possess that quality that lasts for years. 

Jacq finally settled in Cheshire, England where she now lives with her husband, dog Ruby, two cats and some of her children. Her home and garden are always abuzz with activity. 

Linda - Seamstress

Linda is the most experienced seamstress on the team and meticulously cuts the fabric for every item.   Linda started sewing as a child and it’s become a life-long passion. Linda was the first to join Linen & Letters after a chance meeting with Jacq’s daughter in 2016 and is a key member of the Linen & Letters team. 

Linda originally hails from the Lake District in CumbriaEngland, but moved to Cheshire in 1986. She enjoys an array of crafting hobbies and likes to relax knitting and crocheting items for her grandchildren.  Now her four children have grown-up and moved into their own homes, her adorable Springer Spaniel called ‘Ollie’ keeps her company and she’s not far to walk to work as her purpose built ‘She Shed’ it just at the end of the garden. With an impressive seven sewing machines at her disposal, Linda now makes most of the heirloom items listed on our website as well as finishing them with complex decorative stitching.  Linda values the flexibility that Linen and Letters provides making it easier for her to balance her work with family life.

Kate - Marketing and Administration


I’m Kate, the newest member of the Linen & Letters Team joining the company in September 2021.  I take care of Linen & Letters social media and blog posts amongst other administrative duties. So, if you’ve read the blog recently, or if you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest you’ve already seen my work.   

I'm also a creative person having a background in product design and after graduating from University I started writing content for an interior design website which lead to me creating my own kitchen product blog in 2007.  After posting daily for five years, I eventually closed the website to focus on my family. Several years later, I once again had time for a new challenge and was thrilled with the opportunity to join Linen & Letters.   The internet is a fast-moving place, and even those few years away has transformed the landscape. Linen & Letters is giving me the chance to update my skills and to explore new strategies but all the while working around my family.

Originally from Canada, I moved to Cheshire in 2015. I love using my design skills whether that’s creating Pokémon birthday cakes, sewing Halloween costumes, or creating Christmas Grottos for the local school. When I have a few minutes to myself, you’ll often find me at the local Starbucks with a hazelnut soya latte. Like many people nowadays, I work from home sharing an office with my husband but with my son and little 'Kooikerhondje' dog called Finn, often tucked in the corner.