Embroidery monogram options for curtains, pillowcases and table linens designed and made by Linen and Letters. Also custom logo designs on request
  • French Font

    Classic historic French Font

  • Curly Font

    A modern script font that intertwines

  • Victorian Font

    Detailed antique font

  • Solid Trio

    with clean lines

  • Handwriting

    A free hand vintage font which is the closest we have to handwriting

  • Circlular Solid

    Can be stitched in two colours

  • French Wreath

    combination of our classic wreath with our French Font

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  • Fleur de Lis Vine

    A French Classic

  • Lace Heart

    Lovingly affective

  • Numbered Plaque

    Great to add to curtains to welcome guests into your home

  • Twin Hearts

    Great for anniversaries on pillowcases or napkins

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