Collection: Sheer Door & Sash Panels

A selection of french styled linen door and sash window panels made using either light weight sheer linen or medium weight 100% linen for more privacy. Most door panels can be personalised with machine embroidered monograms and are finished with lace and European trimmings. I incorporate heirloom sewing techniques and a high standard of workmanship. Most can also be customised to suit your own design preferences.

Taking care of your door panels has never been easier.  In the past it was normal practice for housewives to regularly boil their linen.  Fortunately we now use machines and a hot wash helps to kill germs, remove dirt from between threads and thoroughly cleans the fabric. Linen becomes softer after multiple washes and can withstand many washing cycles as linen fibres are stronger than other commonly used fibres, such as cotton. 

Tumble drying is damaging for all natural fibres, including linen. So, where possible dry on a clothes line with the added bonus of the sun making white linens whiter. In our busy modern lives however, line drying is not always possible and we have to resort to using the dryer, so take precautions by using a low heat or delicate setting. Linen should not be over dried and should be removed from the dryer when still damp if pressing is required.

100% linen is a beautiful natural fabric but with natural fibres comes creases. Ironing is recommended when the fabric is still damp. Use a hot iron or "linen" setting when pressing.  For my light weight curtains I use quality sheer fabric sourced from France and which is developed especially for modern day living. It is made from 50% Linen 50% Polyester so it can be easily machine washed on a cool cycle without creating wrinkles. No tumble drying but air drying is recommended. Press with a medium iron if needed.