Measuring for Curtains

Window Drawing

Helpful advice on measuring for curtains. Most of the sheer linen curtains we make are intended to be hung close to the glass of your window using narrow rods and to have a flat or ever slightly gathered appearance.  There is no fixed rule as to whether you should choose full length, 3/4, cafe, tiered or valance curtains and you may wish to hang just one curtain or consider a pair.  The decision is yours!  You might want to hide an ugly view, stop passers bye from peering in or simply to soften the appearance of your window.  Once hung your curtains will add a light and airy accent to your room just as they are, but you may decide to hang heavier curtains on either side or above the frame which would require additional rods and fittings.

Measuring for curtains can be a daunting prospect for many people but it is really easy with some helpful guidelines.

1.  Height- Top to Bottom

To find the length, measure from the top of your rod pole to the sill or bottom point where you wish the curtains to finish.  If you don't have a rod in place then decide where you intend to install it and measure in the same way.  If  you are going to use pinch clip rings allow approx an inch for these (so your finished panel will measure an inch less in length).  For our cafe curtains, we suggest installing a rod attached directly to your window frame or use a tension rod (if your frame permits) which can be hung between the inner sides of the frame or if your window is inset, you can fix it between the walls which requires no nails or screws.

2.  Width- Side to Side

Once again the finished width is up to you but for our french style curtains which are intended to be hung flat or with a little movement (depending on the style) measure your glass panel and add approx. half the width again.

If you are in any way unsure please contact us for assistance.