Prolong the Life of your Linens

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Taking Care of your Linen

Linen is a wonderful natural material that grows with a minimal impact on our planet.  Linen bedding is often associated with summer, keeping us cool and fresh in the hot and humid weather but equally has the opposite positive affect in winter by keeping us warm and cosy!  Linen fibre's are very strong, but items made out of linen still need proper care to keep them looking their best and to last longer.

All of our items are ready to use once they arrive and the following is a guide to help you maintain care and keep you linens looking their best.


Stain Treatment

If you get a stain on your linens, treat the stain straight away with a stain solution suitable for linen. By doing so, the stain will already be pre-treated, which makes doing the laundry more effective. Make sure to avoid stain solutions containing bleach as it can remove the colour,  even on white linen and leave an unwanted light or orange spot.  Bleach can also damage the fibres of the fabric.


Careful Washing

Unlike wool, linen does not have the natural anti-bacterial and odour-resistant properties, which means linen needs to be washed a little more often. Nevertheless, we suggest that you machine wash your linen bedding at 30°C (cold) or even that you hand wash for spot treatments. This will save energy and expose the fibres to less stress - heat takes away the natural lustre of the material - prolonging the lifetime of the item. When washing coloured items, we recommend turning them inside out . This process will help protect the outer surface of the fabric. Wash linen on a low cycle to prevent shrinkage, creasing and wrinkling.


Dry Naturally 

After washing, give the item a good shake and make sure it is as flat as possible by removing any creases.  Hang drying linen reduces wrinkles and general creasing, while tumble drying will make it shrink!  To prevent shrinkage in the drying process, linen should be air-dried and out of the sun where possible.  


Iron to press

Due to poor elasticity of linen fibres, linen wrinkles very easily!  Therefore, to produce a crisp appearance your linen items will need ironing, or better still ironing with steam, as often as required.  However, it's the characteristic of linen wrinkling which is often seen as part of the material's charm. 

So if you do want to iron your linen, spray the item with water 5-10 minutes before ironing. This will make ironing much easier. However, due to the fibres in the linen having low elasticity, if it is ironed repeatedly in the same place over a long period of time, the fibres can break producing thinning or even holes.  


 Taking Care of Sheer Linen

Our sheer linen fabric composition is 50/50 linen/polyester which we use to make our sheer linen curtains.  It is very easily maintained and can be washed in the washing machine on a cool wash 30 °C or hand washed.  Hang to line dry.  Do not use chlorine or tumble dry.  Use a medium iron to press.


... Hoping this is useful information  ~Jacq