Curtain Rods

Selecting the correct rod for your linen curtains is very important. There is a wide selection of narrow rods & clips available all of which can be purchased via the internet or large DIY stores.



Pair Sash Rods

Sash Rods

Sash or extension rods have the ability to expand to fit the width of your window frame and are mounted flush using "L' shaped screws or fittings which have strong adhesive pads. The advantage of adhesive fittings is that they don't require screws.  They are simply stuck to the fame.  I would not recommended the adhesive fitting for heavier curtains or those which will have daily use from opening and closing. Sash rods come in a variety of diameters from as narrow as a pencil making them an ideal choice for most of my curtains.  This style of rod is hardly visible when inserted into a rod pocket or woven through small ready made curtain holes.


 lace curtain wire

Lace Curtain Wire

Lace Curtain wire or as it is known in the UK, net curtain wire, is made of spring steel that is coiled to make a flexible spring wire and is coated in a flexible PVC coating which is usually white.  The wire can be cut using a normal pair of pliers or wire snippers.  Steel hooks/eyes can be screwed into the ends of the wire  for fixing.  When cutting the wire, it needs to be slightly smaller than the width of the window to allow the wire to stretch and become taut.  This method of fitting is very inexpensive and ideal to hang my light weight sheer linen curtains.


Magnetic Rods

Magnetic Rods

Magnetic brackets allows the use of expandable curtain rods to cover a window which has a frame made of steel or metal without drilling any holes. They are ideal for my lightweight linen curtains which have a rod pocket.  The rods usually come with adjustable lengths.    


     Tension rod

Tension Rods

Another commonly used type is a spring loaded or tension rod. It is meant to be held in place by the tension of the spring.  It can be secured between the walls or frames of the window and is ideal for UPVC windows where screws are not required.   I would not recommended this style of rod for heavier curtains or those which will have daily use from opening and closing.  This type of rod is available in diameters from 7/16".


        Cafe Rods

Cafe Rods

Cafe rods are very similar to sash rods except they do not fit as flush to the window. They are also more elaborate and often come with decorative finials at either end.  The rods can be made of either wood or metal and are supported on matching brackets attached to either the window frame or wall.  The standard diameters available are from as narrow as 7/16".  Cafe rod materials and finishes include wood, antique or bright brass, painted metals etc. in a broad range of sizes, designs, colours and prices.  They include brackets and instructions for installing with simple household tools.  

       Pinch clip rings

Pinch Clip Rings

It is simple to hang light weight linen curtains from a rod with pinch clip rings. The clips hang from the rod and attach to the top of your curtain allowing it to be pulled open and closed.  The clips come in many styles from antique claw clips to modern designs.  They can be placed anywhere along the header of your curtain and you can use as many as you wish.  I recommend however, placing one every 4-6 inches.