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You don't need to hang Ugly Blinds

Choosing the correct window covering is a very important element in home renovations but have you considered hanging elegant sheer linen curtains, instead of ugly conventional blinds.  They will make a room feel more inviting and will certainly be a topic of conversation?


Sheer bathroom curtains

Linen lace curtain


If you're interested in finding some fresh ideas, please see my unique collection where I feature an array of french cafe, sheer, and monogram linen curtains all of which can be personalized to achieve a custom look and made to your exacting measurements. Retailers only sell standard sizes that may not fit your windows?

Poor fitting curtains can cause your decor not to flow and can dominate a room in the wrong way. My personalised custom curtains however, are guaranteed to effortlessly greet your family and friends into your home and compliment your style in a subtle positive way. Your curtains also play a huge role in shaping your mood allowing the perfect amount of light to flow into your room.


Benefits of Customized Curtains:

  • Enjoy an individual look and be the envy of your neighbours
  • Fits your personal style with the ability to choose specific fabrics and colours
  • Curtains made to exact measurements for a tailored finish.
  • Experience the wow factor!

Are you expecting a new baby?  Have you considered some personalized curtains to make his or her's room very special. During the day, pretty sheer linen curtains can make windows less stalk and the room feel more cosy without blocking out the light. You can have your child's initials monogrammed and have them as a keepsake for later.

 Design Considerations :

  • Decide if you need privacy or if you just want to dress the window?
  • Add a coordinating monogram in the accent colour of your room
  • Do you wish to cover the entire windows or just half? Maybe a tier set would be better with a viewing area in the center?
  • Choose a curtain style that matches your practical requirements.  How does your window open?
  • Mix design elements from 2 or 3 different styles and create your own custom curtains.

Visit my blog for regular updates on home decor and for more details on my personalised curtains and I would be delighted to assist you in your renovation projects.

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