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Beat Rising Costs and Winter Blues

This winter seems harsher than most. The weather is miserable, energy bills are through the roof, and everyone is stressed that living costs are going up – it can be hard to find those sparks of joy to get you through the week.

White bed pillows featuring a large French monogram in the centre.

With the costs of energy, transport, restaurants, and entertainment going up, creating a warm cosy space at home to relax and unwind is a great alternative.  By investing in your favourite statement home furnishings, you will create a soothing retreat you’ll adore – and happily hide in all winter!

Grey cast iron bed next to a window draped in dreamy sheer linen curtains embroidered with a large monogram.

With the wind biting outside, the first step is to stop those draughty windows pulling the warmth out of your home! A set of sheer linen curtains is a glamorous way of disrupting draughts and creates a pocket of air to insulate your home – while still filling your home with beautifully softened sunshine!

Midcentury style livingroom with big picture windows featuring sheer linen curtains pulled to one side.

Large picture windows are stunning design features in the summer, but in winter the garden can look drab and the large glass panes make the room chilly. No one wants to hang heavy dark curtains over them – instead linen sheers offer a clean bright solution that helps keep your room warm without sacrificing light! The translucent fabric buffers the cold glass, keeping your room warmer and lightly veils your view – hiding any tatty foliage till your garden is ready to bloom again!

Three Hannah Nunn Cylindrical parchment lamps featuring a cut paper cow parsley pattern

But you can still bring those summer flowers into your home, with a few statement pieces like these lovely parchment lanterns by Hannah Nunn. The parchment adds a warm soft glow to your room, perfect for long dark nights.  Featuring sweet field flowers and British birds, the intricately cut paper brings a touch of summer to even the depth of winter.  Hannah’s lamps are made in her Hebden Bridge studio, just over the Pennines from us, and bring the beauty of the English countryside into your home.

A comfy rumpled bed with an ocher linen duvet cover and sage linen pillowcases. An open book lies on top.

 Next you want to look at your soft furnishings. The mantra at the moment is to “heat the human, not the room” – so soft cosy blankets and luxurious bedding will wrap you in comfort and keep out the chill.

Classic linen has the luxury and glamour you dream of, but it also has fantastic thermo-regulating properties. In summer the natural fibres relax, allowing the fabric to breathe and circulate the air keeping you cool - but in winter the fibres contract in the cold, creating a denser weave with pockets of air to insulate you from the cold. This adaptive fabric ensures you are comfortable all night long, so you enjoy a deep restorative sleep. Of course, linen bedding is just as effective when you’re curled up with a good book or binge watching your favourite Netflix season!

A rolled up charcoal linen waffle-weave blanket sits on a pristine white linen bed.

Alternately you could try our lightweight waffle weave blanket which combines the natural properties of linen with a woven honeycomb structure for extra warmth. The woven pockets create insulating bubbles of air for a toasty light-weight blanket. Perfect for curling up on the sofa, the light blanket adds a soft luxurious warmth and rich organic texture to your room design.

 A finished Glosters Acorn Soup Bowl in Midnight Blue sits in a potters hands.

Paired with a gorgeous textured bowl filled with your favourite snacks or comforting soup and you’ll banish blues and indulge your senses. I’m totally obsessed with these acorn bowls by Glosters Pottery! Made at their studio in Porthmadog, North Wales, the deep rounded bowl fits perfectly in your hands and is unlikely to spill. Available in several gorgeous colours, the blue layered glazes recall lush coastal beaches– bring a touch of nature to your cosy retreat.

How will you build your a warm toasty haven? A unique personal space to rest and recharge before facing the outside world, will help reduce anxiety and your long term costs without sacrificing your personal wellbeing.

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