Bring Elegant French Linen to Your Holiday Table Settings in 2021 - Linen and Letters

Bring Elegant French Linen to Your Holiday Table Settings in 2021

After a long year of isolation and Zoom calls! It’s time to break out the bottles and really celebrate the holidays! At Linen & Letters we can help you create a warm welcoming table setting inspired by old world elegance and create new lasting traditions for your family. Whether you are looking for a bold statement tablecloth or luxury napkins, Linen & Letters can help you achieve your individual vision.

Linen and Letters linen table cloth fleur de lis
Create Grande Visions with Bespoke Linen Tablecloths

If you are looking to make a bold statement this year, I love our Natural Hemstitched Table cloth with Fleur de Lis Embroidery. A bespoke tablecloth offers a visual scale and presence that can’t be matched.

The rich detailed embroidery hangs over the side of the table, ensuring the design is never crowded or covered by decorations or table settings.  Instead, the embroidered monogram draws the eye toward the chairs and back up to the table, helping to create an integrated dining room vision.

The Fleur de Lis Hemstitched Table cloth offers classic French sophistication paired with elegant script monograms, which can be placed at the corners or centrally on the shorter sides of the tablecloth.  We can customise the length to fit your table precisely, so the embroidery is positioned perfectly for a smart professional finish.  With gorgeous detail that brings a luxurious sense of style, our Natural Hemstitched Tablecloth with Fleur de Lis Embroidery helps you build a dining experience to remember.

Laurel Wreath monogram Linen & Letters monogram table runner
Foster Intimate Family Dining with the Laurel Wreath Table Runner 

If you’re looking to create aintimate family experience, the Linen & Letters Laurel Wreath Monogram Table Runner is a gorgeous choice. Perfect for blending traditional and modern looks, the Laurel Wreath Table Runner offers classic details in a clean contemporary style. Made from natural European flax linen your monogram sits above elegant Laurel branches that evoke old world charm and welcome.  The Runner is then finished with natural scallop lace that contrasts the sharp clean lines of the linen runner design.  A simple but effective way to bring your personal style to your dining table, the Linen & Letters Laurel Wreath Monogram Table Runner adds the warmth of a French welcome to your holiday celebration.
grey linen monogram napkin

Embrace French Sophistication with Slate Grey Linen Embroidered Napkins 
Add a touch of suavsophistication to your table with the Linen & Letters Slate Grey Linen Embroidered Napkins.  The soft medium weight linen balances beautifuldetailed embroidery with simple elegance.  

Each slate grey napkin is embellished with a four-inch monogram inspired by the fields of France. Each sweeping letter loops across the fabric and is adorned with small leaves and buds.  Blending antique details with contemporary style, these monogram napkins area timeless statement piece.  Embroidered with silver grey thread, and finished with neatmitred corners they are an investment in French sophistication.

Versatile table linens that will inspire your table settings the whole year round, the Linen & Letters Slate Grey Linen Embroidered Napkins bring the romance of French Provence style to your holiday table.

White Linen Fleur de Lis Napkin
Add Subtle Sophistication with Art Nouveau Inspired Napkins. 

My favourite though must be the Linen and Letters White Linen Fleur de Lis Monogram Napkins. I love the crisp bright linen, and the subtle sweeping embroidery. Inspired by Art Nouveau designs, the Fleur de Lis Napkins bring romance and elegance to your table. Made from a medium weight white French linen, the napkins have classic mitred corners for a sophisticated finish.

Beautiful to handle and hold, the Fleur de Lis Monogram Napkins are the prefect compliment to the simple clean lines of contemporary tableware, or the intricate detail of traditional china patterns. Our French Linen Napkins are a quick and easy way to bring subtle sophistication and luxury to your holiday table this year.  And if you are lucky enough to be travelling this holiday season these Linen and Letters Monogramed Napkins make a thoughtful gift for the host who has everything!

Thanksgiving Celebrations Linen & Letters
Celebrate your Friends and Family with a Holiday meal to Remember. 

Even more so than usual, in 2021 we will be celebrating the importance of our families.  Bringing everyone together to share love, laughter and delicious food has never been more important. And after a year where even a hug couldn’t be taken for granted, this is the perfect opportunity for your family to embrace new holiday traditions.

Create a beautiful holiday table for your friends and family with our gorgeous, monogramed table linens-and let Linen and Letters help you make a holiday meal to remember!
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