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Fabulous Christmas Dining Table Dressing Ideas

Let’s face it, with the supermarkets already spilling out Christmas songs you certainly don’t need anyone to remind you that Christmas is just around the corner.

But maybe what you would like is some helpful inspiration for your Christmas dining table? After all, you go to so much effort preparing, then cooking, the Christmas meal – why not showcase what you’ve produced for all the family to see?

Actually, this is really just an excuse for us to show you the fabulous Christmas dining table themes we’ve been collating over the past few weeks. All are perfectly do-able – some with a little more effort than others. See what you think:


Santa themed

Red Christmas TableCredit

Yes, it’s nice to provide a little novelty every year – and kids in particular (big and small) will love this Santa-themed dining table. The curtains have been painted on canvas while the light shades have little Santa Hats on and the chairs too have a hat parked on each corner back. The black napkin holder is a ring of red jingle bells. Our favourite part is the black Santa belt down the centre of the table though.


Scandi themed

White Christmas Table setting


It’ll be all white on the night – or rather day – with this sophisticated Scandi-styled snow-themed Christmas dining table. We particularly love how the drop chandelier matches in beautifully with the twigs and gives a bit of glamour to this gorgeous rustic dining scene.


Traditionally themed

Traditonal Christmas Table setting


In true traditional Christmas colours, this dining table looks wonderful with rich red and green balanced with a stylish linen table runner. We don’t all have the beautiful co-ordinating red and gold wallpaper, but this delightful table would look great in anyone’s home, we’d have thought:

And talking of linen table runners… here at Linen and Letters we can produce a Personalised Christmas table runner to make your relatives all feel a bit more family-like on this cheerful but often most fraught of days:

Linen and Letters Personalised Christmas Table Runner

You can carry the family theme even further with these initialised linen napkins or napkins with a co-ordinating design of your choosing. Even if you do have favourite table linen you’re fond of and believe Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it, monogrammed table linen and napkins also make a great – and unusual – personalised Christmas presents:

Linen Letters Christmas Monogram Napkin

Linen and Letters reindeer napkin


Floral Themed

Red Floral Table Center Piece


We love the sheer abundance of this sophisticated Christmas table centrepiece in this next photo, as well as the mix of foliage, blooms, dried grasses, fruit and even feathers. It’s the red and green colours that reminds us it’s a Christmas-themed table. No other seasonal pointer is necessary.


Colour Pop Themed

Christmas Colour Pop


And talking of colours… the pink and yellow on the dining table in this lovely rustic setting aren’t exactly seasonal shades, but the green foliage on the table and the plant with the hanging baubles definitely gives you the general idea that it’s Christmas the diners are about to celebrate.


Beach themed

Christmas Beach Theme


And now for something completely different. You have to travel half way round the world to find it though – especially if you live in the UK. For this is a Christmas dinner table in Australia. It’s set for a beach Christmas to be exact – and how wonderful it looks. It’ll appeal to fans of the Hampton’s design style in particular, we’re sure:

So, how will you dress your Christmas dining table this year? If you’ve been a bit stuck we hope something from the above will inspire you. We’d love to see an image of any past or present Christmas dining tables.

In the meantime, more information on our seasonal napkins and linen table runners can be found at our website www.linenandletters.com. Why not come over and say “hi”.

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