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Christmas with the Badgers

Christmas is here and time to finally start my blog.  I feel a New Years resolution coming on! This week at Linen and Letters we have been reflecting on the year about to pass and planning our next moves for 2017. 

This year we widened our product range to include more luxurious linen products to compliment our signature curtains including personalised table runners, napkins and pillowcases, to name just a few.  October and November brought a flurry of enquiries along with a lot of custom inspiration from our wonderful clients.

So, in the New Year we are looking to introduce more monogrammed pillowcases, by popular demand with coloured  trims and coordinating personalised bed runners plus other much asked for wedding related gifts.  So watch this space! But for today and getting into the festive mood I've singled out this particularly looong custom table runner to share with you.


Christmas with the badgers Table Runner


Personalised Table Runner Embroidery with reindeer


Long Table Runner


The initial enquiry read "Can you make your Christmas table runner 130 inches long?  I'm having a family gathering and I particularly like that it's personalised.

So. the size was certainly not an issue but I needed to balance the scale of the embroidery so I introduced two further areas with a beautiful reworked reindeer and touch of Christmas holly.  The centre embroidery read "Christmas with the Badgers"  My initial thought was that this was the family name but then I thought maybe the event was something to do with badgers?  Still not absolutely sure on this one?

The table setting was to be silver and white.  So we discussed a few design/colour options using both the white and natural grey linens, then I set to work and above is the finished project!  I am looking forward to receiving some photos of the finished table setting which I promise to share and no doubt you will all be planning your own table arrangements including those emergency chairs.

We love receiving client photos.  It brings our products to life and shares ideas for other clients to use in their projects.  So keep sending them in! 

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and happy New Year  ~ Jacq xx

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