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Create Romance in the Bedroom!

Create Romance in the Bedroom. In the background a couple lay cuddled up in bed next to linen sprinkled with roses.

Let linen transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat! At Linen & Letters we love creating gorgeous handmade bedding, blankets and curtains. We have everything you need to design the romantic bedroom of your dreams.

Gorgeous linen sheets sprinkled with roses

If our home is a castle, our bedroom is a personal haven from the stress and worry of the world. A cosy corner where you and your partner are the only people that matter. Building a luxurious romantic retreat to share with your partner shows them how much you care and how important they are.

A young couple tossing a pillow through the air over a double bed covered with bright white linen bedding

Linen is a natural fabric renowned for its durability, breathability, and moisture wicking properties. Cool in summer and warm in winter, linen will naturally regulate your temperature for a deep restorative sleep. Both practical and gorgeous, our beautifully soft linen bedding ensures you have the best night’s sleep.

Beautiful bed with bright white linen sheets. A grey waffle throw lays across the bottom of the bed.

Our white linen bedding is a fantastic place to start building and layering your room.  The bright white fabric opens your room up and gives it a light airy feel. Pressed flat or casually rumpled, white linen instantly gives your room a clean modern style and can be mixed into any theme or décor.  

Linen and Letters soft lavendar linen duvet cover, with white linen pillowcases. Lavender blooms sit in a vintage ceramic jug on the side table.

For more of a historical or cottage-core styles, our lovely, coloured linens are a great choice. With soft dusky lavender and rose, they instantly give the room a romantic style. Paired with our dreamy sheer curtains and you can create a serene space to relax and unwind.

Light shines beautifully through sheer linen curtains onto a lovely cottage bedroom.

An empty bed with the sage green linen duvet pulled back and a book lays waiting for them to return.

If you’re looking for a more masculine style, our sage and charcoal linens bring luscious earthy tones to your bedroom. Perfect for city lofts and apartments, it brings calm woodsy and coastal colours into bustling city living. Providing a base layer of colour, you can then style you accessories and art to recreate you favourite weekend retreat at home.  

Left: A beautifully rumpled bed with a grey linen duvet cover. Right A Sage green linen duvet cover with coconut shell buttons.

Linen has a fabulous lived-in glamour. Even when rumpled or thrown back, the quality and beauty of the material still shines. Finished with lovely details like the coconut shell on the duvet cover, the natural materials give it an authentic style. Bringing a touch of luxury to your everyday life, linen bedding is a practical indulgence you’ll love.

Dusky rose fitted linen sheet folded on a bed.

Our linen bedding is available in matched sets or as individual pieces you can mix and layer. From sheets to duvet covers and pillowcases to throws, you can create just the effect and style you were looking for. Personally, I love a mix of white and coloured pieces to break up the solid colours and brighten your bed. It gives your bedroom an instant designer feel and makes your bed even more inviting!

A charcoal waffle weave linen blanket sits rolled up on a white linen bed.

My favourite piece from the new bedding collections is definitely our waffle linen throws. Though comfortable and light, the waffle weave gives it a fabulous rich texture. A classic woven pattern, each waffle cell traps air for extra warmth. It makes a great runner at the bottom of the bed, breaking up the large plain surface and adding contrast to the smooth linen bedding.

A young couple poses around a brilliant white linen bed. They look happy and confident.

Ready to design your own romantic haven? From soft romantic tones to bold earthy shades we can help you create a soft inviting bed, perfect for lazy weekends and unwinding after a long day. Each piece is handmade for you from our exquisite European linen. Beautifully detailed, with gorgeous textures and timeless elegance, it will transform your room into a restorative retreat. A luxurious indulgence you’ll use every night, our soft linen bedding ensures you are cool and comfortable - so you face each day at your best

We can’t wait to see what you’ll choose! Explore the Linen & Letters website to discover all the possibilities.

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