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Beyond the Traditional: Embracing 2024 with Our Eco-Certified Sheer and Opaque Linen Curtains

As we embrace the year 2024, Linen and Letters is delighted to offer a refined collection of linen curtains, perfect for modern homes. Our range includes both sheer linen net curtains and more opaque linen curtains, ensuring that every home can find its perfect match. Crafted in France by a family business with over a century of textile heritage, these curtains blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary functionality.

European Craftsmanship and Quality

Our curtains are a testament to the long-standing tradition of European textile artistry. This heritage is woven into every piece, ensuring that each curtain we offer is not just a window dressing, but a piece of history, characterised by exceptional quality, timeless elegance but also satisfies very practical issues.

Sheer and Opaque Options for Every Need

While our sheer linen net curtains elegantly filter light, infusing spaces with a sense of airiness and grace, we also acknowledge the occasions when privacy takes even more precedence. To cater to these needs, our collection includes a selection of more opaque linen curtains, crafted from 100% medium-weight linen. These curtains offer a richer coverage, perfectly suited for obscuring less-than-ideal views or enhancing privacy in more intimate spaces. Commonly chosen as half curtains or in the charming café-style, they bring a warm and refined atmosphere to various areas of the home. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, where privacy is key, they are equally effective in ground floor living spaces, providing a shield from the outside gaze while maintaining an inviting aesthetic

Net Curtains by Linen and Letters

Innovative Fabric for Contemporary Homes

Our sheer curtains feature a practical blend of 50/50 linen and polyester, combining the natural elegance of linen with the durability of polyester. This makes them not only aesthetically pleasing but also suited for the practicalities of daily life. In contrast, our opaque curtains are crafted from 100% medium-weight linen, offering a more substantial feel and greater privacy.

Net Curtains for Doors by Linen and Letters

Certified Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Both our sheer and opaque linen curtains hold the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification. This certification assures that our products are free from harmful substances, meeting strict safety and environmental standards. It's our commitment to offering you products that are not only beautiful but also safe and responsible.

Customisation for Personalised Elegance

Understanding the uniqueness of each home, we provide a bespoke service for our curtains. Whether it's specific sizes, patterns, or colours, our customisation options ensure that your curtains align perfectly with your personal style and the specific needs of your space.

Linen Curtains by Linen and Letters


In 2024, Linen and Letters continues to blend tradition with innovation, offering a range of curtains that cater to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you're drawn to the light and airy feel of our sheer linen net curtains or the cozy privacy of our opaque linen options, our collection promises quality, sustainability, and timeless elegance. Embrace the new year with curtains that are not just window dressings, but a lifestyle choice reflecting excellence, environmental consciousness, and bespoke beauty.


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