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Embroidered Fall Elegance for your Kitchen 

I love Thanksgiving!  It's a holiday celebrated in the states and which I enjoyed celebrating when I lived there -the pumpkins, the chill in the air, and the cosy warmth of our kitchens!

As autumn is upon us we gather to share with our family and friends, everyone inevitably ends up in the kitchen. It’s the hub and the bustle, the energy and welcome –even if you’re desperately trying to roast a turkey in time for dinner. Besides being the beating heart of our Thanksgiving dinner, it’s also the centre of our homes.

The place where we share the most basic needs of life food, family and friends. So the kitchen is the perfect place to celebrate the warmth, comfort and nostalgia of autumn (fall)  with a touch of embroidered eleganceWhether you’re tempted by Thanksgiving tea towels, fall inspired curtains or elegant holiday napkins, Linen & Letters gorgeous linen can add sophistication tradition to your family celebrations.

Thanksgiving Kitchen Towel
Elegant Linen Tea Towels with Thanksgiving Pumpkins 

The quickest addition to any kitchen is the Linen & Letters Pumpkin Kitchen Towels. 

The delicate hemstitched embroidery adds a subtle accent that reveals amazing detail on closer inspection.The intricate cutwork design creates layered stitches that add depth and texture to the simple linen fabric.

The French linen hangs beautifully by sinks or ranges -and suggests to your guests that your kitchen is a calm oasis–helping to hide the bustling madness of just moments ago! Made from a durable and hardwearing natural flax linen, this classic design is finished with a decorative stitched hem. A beautiful accent for any home, the Linen & Letters Pumpkin Kitchen Towels are a brilliant autumnal choice.

Thanksgiving Linen and Letters monogram kitchen towel embroidery
Thanksgiving Glamour with Monogram Pumpkin Linen Towels 

If you prefer a more bespoke custom design for your kitchen towelsthe Linen & Letters Pumpkin Monogram White Linen Towel is the perfect choice. The crisp clean linen looks smart and luxurious with its hemstitched border and mitred corners.They are then embroidered with a florid pumpkin design and personalised with your monogram in the centre.

Shown above in a lovely golden rod colour, the pumpkin monogram captures the warm golden hues of autumn.  A decadent treat, these towels let everyone know who rules in the kitchen!  Perfect for use when carrying dishes to the table, these Pumpkin Monogram Towels will let you serve your culinary delightin style.  A fabulous choice for your Thanksgiving kitchen, the Linen & Letters Pumpkin Monogram White Linen Towel brings luxurious glamour to your kitchen.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Front entry door curtain embroidery monogram
Beautiful front door curtains with pumpkin monograms create a cosy kitchen haven.

Linen and Letters Sheer Linen Front Door Curtain

If you are lucky enough to have French doors in your kitchen, the Linen & Letters Front Door Curtain is a worthwhile investment. Embroidered with a seasonal pumpkin monogram in a rich rust orange with leafy greens, the sheer door curtains let the light in while hiding away any dirty dishes.

The soft relaxing light glowing through the sheer linen creates a welcoming haven, while still providing privacy so you can cook in peace.

The Pumpkin Door curtains are an ideal solution to stop prying eyes from spoiling your culinary surprises – or nosey guest from judging your gravy!   Sheer French Door curtains are the perfect way to make your kitchen culinary refuge this Thanksgiving .  And if your entry could use a bit of a Thanksgiving make over the Linen and Letters Pumpkin Monogramed Door Curtain also makes a great alternative or will complement festive door wreaths for welcoming your guests.

The lovely linen offers a rustic texture that adds a soft warmth to your front door, while the monogram embroidery peeking through the window offers a statement style to welcome your guests. 
Pumpkin Lace Cafe curtain
Lovely Pumpkin Café Curtains bring European Style to Your Home

Finally, you can add a French continental style to your Thanksgiving kitchen with our cheerful Linen and Letters Pumpkin Café Curtains. The sheer natural linen brings a gorgeous soft light to your kitchen, that makes it warm and inviting for your family and friends. I especially love the detailed embroidery on the pumpkins. The creative stitching blends colours to create an effect reminiscent of a hand drawn sketch. Finished with rows of heirloom pleats and beige linen lace trim, it marries the beauty and simplicity of French curtains with contemporary embroidery design. Made to measure, and machine washable, the Linen and Letters Pumpkin Café Curtains will bring you years of joy.  

Embroidered Elegance brings comfort and warm to your kitchen this Thanksgiving.  While it can feel stressful, Thanksgiving is really a celebration of family. We celebrate our memories and our love for each other. We gather our loved ones around the table and share delicious meals, and we create new memories for the future. With our lovely French linen products, let Linen and Letters help you create a warm, welcoming home your friends and family will always remember.
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