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Exquisite Embroidery

The best thing about bespoke curtains is that they are made especially for you. Your favourite curtain design is made exactly to your measurements in your choice of exquisite French linen. But truly, it’s our custom embroidery that you won’t find anywhere else!


Linen and Letters Vintage French Fleur de Lis

 At Linen & Letters our speciality is French inspired embroidery and monograms. Our large Fleur de Lis monogram is the perfect accent for our valance curtains. Inspired by the curtains found in glamourous French country homes, we combine a sheer linen tie up curtain with a 100% linen valance to create a curtain that offers both privacy and light. The embroidered pattern features a classic fleur-de-lis surrounded by floral decoration, which you can finish off with an embroidered letter to each side. Perfect for a charming couple’s monogram!


French Linen Monogram Tie Up Curtain

 For a more subtle design, we use our French monogram. Inspired by the fields of Provence, the floral design is accented with small leaves and buds that recall the famous French vineyards. These monograms are a brilliant choice for our linen Tie-Up Curtain. A less formal design, the curtains ties are attached below the valance and accented with a band of cotton lace. This single layer design allows more light through the window and is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.


Tall Sheer Linen Voile Panel with Victorian Monogram

 For period and vintage homes, we recommend our Victorian monograms which recall the elegance of a bygone eras. These large monograms abound with fine embroidered details. Each letter features a rich floral bouquet, with long stems that sweep around to form the letter.  They add a lovely romantic style to bedrooms and living rooms.


Linen Kitchen Tie Up Curtain Valance with Monogram

 For a more modern look, we suggest our Curly Monogram which has a beautiful calligraphic style. The embroidered lines sweep and swirl, creating an elegant contemporary monogram. It’s suitable for any of our curtains, but I love how cute it looks on this Ruffled Valance Tie-Up. One of our less formal design, the ruffle gives the curtain a softer character, making your kitchen feel more welcoming.


Custom CLUB monogram cafe curtains

 At Linen & Letters we can also do custom embroidery patterns, which are a brilliant way to make a big statement. By embroidering a single letter on each of our Cafe curtain panels, this customer has created a unified look across four windows. This makes the window seem bigger and emphasises the dramatic wall of glass making it a focal point of the room. It gives the room a dramatic designer finish while also offering privacy and light.


Linen Door Curtain with Monogram

 Want to boost your home’s curb appeal? Our embroidered door curtains can instantly transform drab doorways into glamourous entries! This curtain features our French monogram over an elegant laurel wreath, but we can also embroider your house number or house name if you prefer. It gives you door a smart tailored style that welcomes guests – but also stops unknown callers from peering into your windows.


Linen Bathroom Tie Up Curtain with Starfish Embroidery

 Besides monograms we also have a selection of decorative motifs to compliment your interior designs.  One of my favourites is our beach themed embroidery which features a starfish being tossed amongst the waves. It makes the perfect accent for coastal inspired bathrooms and brings the romance of the seaside home.


Linen Bathroom Curtain with French Fleur de Lis embroidery

 And of course, we have French inspired motifs! I love our small Fleur-de-Lis design. It has a light artistic style that reminds me of architectural sketches. This gorgeous embroidery looks fantastic on all our valances, but it looks absolutely stunning when like here, it’s embroidered onto the linen curtain below the coloured valance. It creates a multi-layered effect of exquisite details that gives the curtain a luxury finish.


French Embroidered Tie Up Curtain Notre Maison

 Continuing the theme, our Maison de Luxe embroidery translates directly to ‘luxury home’ or you can have Notre Maison translated to 'our home' . Channelling Parisian glamour, the black writing is embroidered over a decorative pattern stitched. A gorgeous addition to your French inspired home, it brings the romance and character of Paris to your corner of the world.


Ready to give your home a unique personal touch, with our beautifully embroidered curtains?  Visit our online store to explore even more possibilities!


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