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Get Your Home Interior Awesome for Autumn

Now that September’s here and the nights are starting to get a bit chillier, here at Linen and Letters we’re reminded of how much we love those long Autumn afternoon walks in the country when we get the chance. And, better still, the cosy early evenings in front of the fire with just a couple of table lamps providing a warm glow.

If you’re not feeling quite autumnal yet that’s understandable (Autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22 in the UK, after all). But still, try out these interior design tips and we’re sure you’ll be looking forward to going outdoors and tramping through the leaves in no time:

Copy nature’s colours

Introduce more autumnal colours indoors – red, orange and brown all invoke nature’s warming shades at this time of year. It’s easy to add them in the form of cushions, a throw, linen napkins, even candles (and if they give off a scent of autumn then even better):

Yankee Candle

 Image via Checkdout

Invite nature indoors

Come the first crisp Autumn afternoon when you’re out on a long walk through the woods take a tote with you and use it to bring home fallen sculpted branches and twigs. When you get home, arrange them in a vase on their own or add to an existing flower arrangement and sit it on a pumpkin linen napkin, for instance.  As you can see, acorns in a glass jar look fab too:

 Autumn Chestnut Jar

Image via Amazingspaceinteriors

Get clever with flooring

Another way to add not just the look, but also a feeling of warmth, is to cover your wooden floorboards (or in the photograph below, a cement floor) with a cosy woollen rug. Of course, another benefit of this - certainly if you put several rugs down around your home – is that it’ll also help you cut back on your utility bills (and which is no bad thing at all) since the rugs will improve insulation:

 Cement Floor

 Image via Pinterest

Cuddle under a woollen cover

Another way to feel physical warmth is with a throw; have one in the sitting room, kitchen and bathroom for when you start to feel chilly but don’t fancy being blasted by the central heating. The following throws look particularly autumnal, not to mention cosy

Woollen Blankets 

Image via Pinterest

Change your crockery

Invest in some cosy coloured chunky mugs in which to sip hot chocolate and milky Horlicks drinks when you get back in from an afternoon or morning spent in the increasingly cold outdoors. You deserve such a sweet treat – and after all, we all know that the cold weather burns more calories so it’s necessary to keep your energy levels up:

 Hot Chocolate

Image via

Autumnal goodies

Feeling autumnal yet? If not, this next image is bound to get you excited about the forthcoming season. It’s because it’s roasted chestnuts and, like the song goes, by an open fire. And no, we’ve no idea who put that glass of red wine there. It chimes in with the colour scheme though so is obviously a must-have with the roasted chestnuts ...

 Glass Red Wine

Image via

We hope you enjoyed reading the above post and that it gave you a few ideas for autumnal interior decor now that summer’s definitely on its way out.

As our own concession to Autumn and nature we have our Tie Up Tree Curtain. It could provide an additional insulating window panel to help keep out the chill as the year grows colder:

Tree Tie Up Curtain

Image via Amazon UK  Amazon USA

You can find more details about this and other beautiful linen items we produce such as special monogrammed linen curtains, cushions, table clothes and other personalised interiors accessories at our website right here: Linen and Letters.

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