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Glamorously Messy Aprons

Get ready to discover your new favourite accessory! While aprons fell out of fashion for many years, modern aprons have come a long way from the frilly twee designs of the 1950s. They now come in sleek flattering cuts and have a modern practicality that transforms them into a must have home fashion.

Woman in a linen Japanese Apron carrying radishes. Linen apron elegantly hanging on a wall hook

Their primary function is obviously to protect your clothes from splashes and spills, but they also offer convenient pockets and give you a safe place to dust or dry your hands. And while you can find aprons made of many fabrics, our beautifully soft 100% linen brings a luxury accent to your favourite passion project!

Linen Apron with logo

They make ideal aprons for artisans to help with brand awareness whilst in person at markets or when working on social media.  We can add custom embroidered logos .  Please enquire before placing your order.

A man wearing a charcoal dark grey apron with purple flowers in the pocket. A woman stood with her back to you, wearing a terracotta red apron with lovely bows tided at the neck and back.

Our classic apron is a glamorous interpretation of the traditional apron. It features a high neck, thick chunky ties and lovely big pockets! It has gentle shaping around the waist, and the natural linen fabric gives it a relaxed sense of luxury. With a gender-neutral design, it also makes a perfect “his & hers” gift for couples.  A beautiful & timeless apron, it’s ideal for passionate chefs and creative florists.

A woman casually leaning against a kitchen counter in a linen apron. A woman work in a kitchen with her back to us, showing the crossed straps of the cross backed apron.

Crossed back apron design are definitely topping the fashion trends. Frequently worn by the Food Editors at Bon Appetit, they have created an army of converts! The crossed back design feels free and flowing, with no pinching, bunching or dangling ties to get in the way. Comfortable and stylish, you’ll be happy to wear it all day long. They’re even easy to wash, with no ties to get tangled in the washing machine! The Bon Appetit editors don’t even iron them, instead embracing the natural gorgeous texture of linen.

A woman wearing a dark charcoal grey apron carrying a loaf of bread on a wooden board. A woman facing away to show the crossed straps at the back of the pinafore apron.

Our Pinafore crossed back apron features a high neckline for ultimate coverage. It has broad shaped straps and provides more coverage at the back. It’s a real work horse apron, ready for whatever job you want to face! Its lovely large pockets are great for gathering fruit and veg in from the garden or collecting eggs from the chickens – secure in the knowledge that the crossed strap apron won’t slip or fall.

A woman drinking a cup of coffee in a sage green Japanese Linen Apron. A woman facing away to show the crossed straps of the terracotta red Japanese apron.

Our Japanese cross backed linen apron is inspired by the square neck of the traditional Japanese kappogi. The narrower shoulder straps and lower neckline gives the apron a fashionable feminine style. It’s an apron you can wear comfortably all day and becomes an integral part of your outfit. Our gorgeous linen elevates the common apron to daily luxury that brightens your mood. Of course, aprons aren’t just for cooking, they are a practical choice for any activity that may mark your clothing. From general cooking and cleaning to creative painters and crafters, our Japanese aprons let you feel confident and fashionable while you work.

Stack of Coloured Linen - Sage Green, Charcoal Grey, Ocher Yellow, Terracotta, Dusky Rose Pink, Dusky Lavender, White

All our apron designs are available in a dusky rainbow of colours, to make the fabulous fashion statement. Whether you love our charcoal grey for a sophisticated minimalist style, or want channel your garden goddess with our lovely sage green, you can even choose pristine white for the ultimate in high-end glamour – there’s a colour to match every outfit.

Three Linen and Letters Quilted Oven Mitt hanging on a wooden chair: Sage Green, Dusky Lavender, Dusky Rose Pink

For the ultimate indulgence for passionate bakers and budding chefs , you can also pair your favourite apron with one of our matching oven gloves. We’ve given the lovely stone-washed linen a quilted finish that creates a subtle contrast to the matching linen apron. A charming, coordinated look, the matching apron and oven gloves make a fantastic addition to your Instagram photos!

A brilliant way to bring daily luxury to your work and passions, our gorgeous linen aprons bring a spark of joy to even the most boring work. Ready to treat yourself? Visit Linen & Letters to order yours!

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