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How Many Ways to Hang Your Curtains

So, you’ve spent ages searching for the perfect curtains for your home and finally you’ve finally found it!  The colour is spot on, the fabric is gorgeous, the style is just right. You’re ready to place the order when the question pops up “How would you like to hang your curtains?”  It’s tempting to just impulsively answer “Pole, obviously!” but there are more options than you’d think!

And it’s worth taking a moment to consider, as each fixture affects the length of the curtain and creates its own unique look. Here at Linen & Letters, we want to help you find the best solution for your space so we can create a curtain you love!


Curtain Poles

 linen and letters bistro half curtain

The most common thought about solution is the curtain pole or curtain rod (depending on whereabouts in the world you live )  It’s pretty straight forward, usually it’s attached to your wall or door with brackets, then you attach you curtain and pop the pole in place. Available in a huge variety of materials, colours, and finishes to match your unique interior style. Finally most dramatic choice is of course the finials.

You can choose small simple endcaps, which help the curtain appear to float on its own, or you can choose large decorative finials to make the curtain pole a statement piece in your room design. From glamourous diamonds to simple lathed wood, you can co-ordinate your curtain pole to reflect the character of your room. On the door curtain above, the customer has matched the decorative stitching on their Café Curtain to the black metal finials for a smart sophisticated finish.


Tension Rods

linen and letters example of curtain hung with tension rod 

Tension rods are a brilliant alternative for light weight curtains. The don’t require any fixing or tools to install, they simply twist out or use springs to fill the gap and that pressure holds the rod in place. This usually means the curtain need to fit inside the window frame, rather than hanging outside the edges of the window like drapes do. Tension rods are a sleek minimalist choice, that lets your curtain make the statement. Tension rods work especially well in kitchens and bathrooms, where you want light privacy curtains and you don’t want to be drilling through tile!


Curtain Track

Curtain track with plastic hooks

 If you’re looking to open and close your curtains easily, a curtain track might be what you’re looking for. It has plastic carriages for each curtain hook, which lets the curtain slide easily across the window. Curtain track is probably the easiest fixture for opening and closing curtains, as the track is ultra-smooth and effortless. Usually, this track system is used with curtain header tape, but you could also use metal pin curtain hooks too. For the neatest look, you’ll want a tall top to your curtain so it can conceal the curtain track when closed.


 Curtain Wire

Linen and Letters curtain hung with net curtain wire

Curtain wire is probably the most affordable way of affixing your curtains. It simply requires two eye screws and a bit of curtain wire. It’s also a good solution for awkward spaces, as the eye hooks don’t need to be affixed to a large surface area like curtain poles brackets - and they don’t need a recessed window like tension rods. Below you can see how curtain wire was used to hang the door curtain. It can be difficult to get the wire taught and its prone to sagging over time, but curtain wire is an understated fixture that’s easy to disguise - letting your curtain take centre stage.

 Linen and Letters Door curtain hung with net curtain wire


Curtain Designs

 Once you’ve chosen which fixture you are using to hang you curtain, you now need to decide how you are going to attach your curtain to the hardware! We’ve already talked a bit about curtain hooks, but there are lots of fabric options and decorative curtain rings that can give your curtain a unique style!


Simple Rod Pocket

Linen and Letters simple rod pocket to hang curtains

The simplest solution is the traditional rod pocket. Built into the curtain, you just slide the pole through the curtain and you’re ready to go. This works best for curtains you plan to leave closed all the time. If you want to pull the curtain back, the gathers can sometimes create bunching that bounces back – never quite clearing the window. It does create a nice even gather though, which gives the curtain a lovely full look.


Double Rod Pocket

Linen and Letters curtain with double rod pocket 

For door and sidelight curtains a double rod pocket is the best choice. With a rod at both the top and bottom of the curtain, the curtain doesn’t flap around when the door is opened. This is especially important with longer curtains that could be trapped in the door. Double rod pockets are also the best choice for trendy flat curtains. The double rod pockets let you pull the curtain tight giving it a clean contemporary style.


Looped Tab Top Curtains

Linen and Letters Looped Tab Top Curtain 

Tab top curtains are a classic curtain that looks brilliant in both traditional and modern homes. The simple loops fit in perfectly with vintage and period homes, while the clean straight lines complement modern interiors. Tab tops curtains tend to create a wavy gather that creates a gentle sophisticated style.


Tie-Top Curtains

 Linen and Letters pompom cafe curtain

Tie top curtains have a similar style to tab tops, but with extra character and detail. I love how many ways there are to tie the curtains. For our small half curtains, we use cute short ties that leave a little twist on the top. While on our large panel curtains you can tie them up in bows or leave them to drape, giving the top of the curtain extra depth and texture. Tie-tops are prefect for beach houses, rustic farmhouses and cottage chic styles – anywhere you want that handmade style with a human touch!

 Linen and Letters Tie Top Curtains 


Pencil Pleats

  Linen and Letters Valance Header

If you’re considering using a curtain track, pencil pleats is a great choice. A stripe of header tape is sewn across the top of the curtain, and when you’re ready to hang it, you pull the strings on the tape to gather the curtain into small regular pleats. It creates a ruffled top and a gentle, wavy curtain panels. pencil pleats have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but they’re still a popular and practical solution for curtain tracks and poles.


Curtain Rings and Pinch Clip Hooks

Tall Sheer Linen Monogram Bedroom Curtains

 Curtain Rings are a great choice for curtains you think will be opened and closed a lot. The rings move easily and gather neatly at the pole ends. Like the curtain track, curtain rings require you to use plastic curtain hooks with header tape or metal pinch clips. The curtain rings are a brilliant way to add interest and detail to your window treatment. They are available in a range of metal and wood finishes that can coordinate with your furniture and accessories.


Pinch Clip Rings

 If you like the look of curtain rings - but don’t like the idea of curtain tape and hooks - clip rings can give you a distinctive look. Clip rings are quite thin compared to curtain rings, but the little clips add visual weight to the pole. The clips attach to the top of the curtain, and  their placement lets you control the depth of your pleats. Clip rings come in several different sizes, and this affects how far the curtain hangs from the pole – which in turn affects the length of the curtain. Clip rings are a brilliant choice for period homes, industrial inspired interiors, converted apartments, and whimsical eclectic designs.


Button Holes or Hardwearing Grommets

Linen and Letters cafe curtain with grommets

 Another option for lightweight curtains is to use wire curtain rings. These lightbulb shaped hooks are designed to go through the curtain, so the curtain needs to have buttonholes sewn evenly across the top. For curtains that are likely to see more wear, the buttonholes can be replaced with metal grommets. Grommets give the curtain a more professional finish, the small metal circles offer subtlety and neat tailored style.  The large curtain rings make it easy to adjust the curtain, and they hang beautifully if you want the curtain to lay flat – perfect for showing off custom embroidery.


Transform your Home with Exquisite Handmade Curtains

Beautiful and functional, curtains are a beautiful way to create atmosphere and ambiance in your home. But it’s more than lovely fabric, the details in the fixtures and hanging mechanism give your window treatment character. The right finish integrates the curtain into your interior design rather than looking like a tacked-on afterthought. It’s a decision that needs careful consideration before you even order, or your dream curtain may turn into a badly fitted nightmare!

That’s where Linen & Letter’s is here to help. Jacq has years of experience helping customer create their dream curtains and creating custom design that transform their homes. Explore our website, be inspired! And when you have found the perfect look for your home, message Jacq to create a made-to-measure curtain just for you. Don’t forget, as a final flourish, we can embroider your curtain with a beautiful, personalised monogram or decorative design. Handmade by our seamstress in Cheshire England, each curtain is a work of art. A truly bespoke design that expresses your interior style, Linen and Letters curtains transform your home into a beautiful retreat from the world.

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