Make a Switch to Sensational Scandi-Style - Linen and Letters

Make a Switch to Sensational Scandi-Style

Make a Switch to Sensational Scandi-style

With our fingers crossed for an Indian Summer, we’ve been considering a bit of a room make-over Scandi-Style, of late. Not only will this much-loved interiors theme fit in with the temperature at the moment, but by adding a few carefully thought-out accessories it could also become a beautiful blend of cosiness and sophistication come winter.

What is ‘Scandi-style’?

There’s not just one way to get the Scandi interiors look and, certainly there’s more than one Scandi theme. But there are definite principles to the style. And here’s the main ones right here:

Keep the colours light. Due to the fact that in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland summers are warm and winters long and dark, house owners are understandably keen to keep their interiors light and bright. That means a predilection for white, cream, beige and light greys, as well as a sprinkling of pastels or metallics to add glamour.

Contrasting the white with darker shades such as black can also work well, provided the latter is used sparingly and the overall space large enough. This black floor is a fine example and co-ordinates well with the black in both the wall lamp and the photo galleries. The dark blue rug, cushions and chair add brightness in the form of bold colours:


Image via Bolig

This kitchen also beautifully pairs black and white by co-ordinating the black chairs with the black in the photo gallery on the wall. As in the previous photographs, the pictures have been positioned close together to form an overall cohesive shape:

 Scandi-Style Dining

Image via MyScandinavianHome

Add in space. Keeping the colour scheme white and paired with muted shades means you can put a lot more furniture and accessories into your room without it appearing too cluttered. The piles of books beside the radiator in the next image don’t look overwhelming, for instance, because your eye travels easily round the room. This is thanks to the fact there are no bold colours to jump out and distract you. There’s also that big chunk of head-clearing space in the centre of the room, giving an overall impression of peace and calmness:

 Scandi-Style Living Room

 Image via Nordic Design

Add in different textures. If you’re not a fan of bold colours or black then another great way to add interest to a pale coloured room is to incorporate lots of different textures. Suede, faux fur and linen cushions piled on top of a woollen throw works well for this as does introducing gold or silver in the form of lamps, candlesticks and vases etc.

Here are some of our favourite accessories to add to a Scandi room – including our own monogrammed linen pillow case. It may be French-inspired but that crisp white linen and the clean lines are just perfect for a Scandi-style bedroom:


Scandi Bedroom

We also love this gorgeous copper lamp for adding both texture and a ‘warming colour’: Its style, you’ll note, is all about an industrial design look:

 Copper Lamp

Image via Pearedcreation

Our own sheer linen curtains – which come in three colorways- white, ivory and natural – would also fit in well with a Scandi themed room:

Scandi Sheer 

These chunky mercury glass pillar candle holders would looking stunning too (as would the white buds in the background). Candles are great for providing an atmospheric glow and warmth on both a warm summer night and during snowy winter evening:

 Tall Gold Candles

Image via Pottery Barn

What accessories such as linen curtains, woollen rugs, personalised linen table runners and natural twigs/branches would you add to a Scandi-style room? Meanwhile, find more white linen pillow cases, curtains and other lovely fabric home accessories to purchase on our website at


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