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Monogram Glamour for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Your Love with Romantic Monogram
Cosy Up on Valentine’s Day with Monogrammed Bedding

The nights might be long and weather is cold -but Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and here at Linen & Letters we’re excitedly looking forward to the orders for personalised bedding, romantic table runners, and gorgeous couple monograms! 

We love creating personalised items to celebrate our customers’ special relationships and hearing their unique stories. Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your fiftieth, let Linen & Letters help you celebrate your romance! 

While it’s still cold and chilly outside, February is a brilliant time to create a cosy romantic bedroom. With piles of lush pillows and luxurious bedding, you and your partner will never want to leave! Our monogrammed linen pillowcases make the perfect accent, creating an exclusive space for just the two of you. Available in a range of pillow styles and with a choice of monogram fonts we can create the perfect bespoke look to complement your home.

Cosy Relaxed Romance

Large Centred Monogram linen Pillowcase

How better to celebrate your love than cosying up together with monogrammed bedding for a relaxed Valentine’s Day!  The perfect addition to breakfast in bed or watching your favourite TV box set, our French linen pillowcases help create an exclusive private space for just the two of you.

Here our Housewife Pillowcase sports a large central monogram embroidered in a matt white thread.The matt thread offers the bold monogram some soft subtlety while still making a big statement.  Let our bespoke embroidery claim your space while you snuggle in for some quality time with your partner this Valentine’s.

Antique Opulence

Corner Grey Monogram Linen PIllowcases

If period dramas and old-world romance is more your style, try mixing our exquisite linen pillowcases with your beautiful antiques to create a decadent bedscape you just want to fall into. Here one of our monogrammed linen pillowcases has been added to a dramatic hand-carved headboard. Similar to this Rocco mahogany bed by La Maison Chic the French white finish brings a modern palette to the beautiful antique decoration. Against a wall of sheer drapes and accented with stacks of textured lace pillowcases, our soft grey monogram adds a contrast and focus helping to guide your eye through the room.  It’s beautiful look that creates an antique opulence-perfect for romantic bedrooms on Valentine’s Day.

Nautical Royalty

Boudoir monogram pillowcase

For some of us the long pandemic has meant missed travel and holidays. If this year you and your partner have missed out on romantic holidays or a special anniversary cruise, why not try to recreate some of the missing magic this Valentine’s Day.

Our Boudoir Pillow is the perfect accent for a nautical themed bedroom! Featuring a large, embroidered monogram surround by a laurel wreath and topped with a crown –it makes the perfect present for your personal King or Queen. Made with our crisp French linen and finished with a piped edge and tasselled corners, it conjures the luxury and romance of a royal yacht. Sail away with you partner on a sea of pillows and duvets for an amorous staycation and let our Boudoir Pillow bring the glamour of adventure to your bedroom year round.

Lovers Pillows Perfect for Newlyweds

Mrs Mrs Linen Pillowcases

Mr Mrs Pillowcases Pillow shams

There’s nothing like your first Valentine’s Day as an official couple. Your love is fresh and exciting –and their annoying habits don’t get on your nerves yet!  And even if that newlywed phase was years ago, we can still remember the exhilarating rush of falling in love.  Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day or your fiftieth, you can recapture some of that newlywed magic with our Mr & Mrs Pillowcases. A brilliant way to celebrate a special anniversary, they help remind us how thrilled we were to make our relationship official.  Mr & Mrs Algar chose our whimsical floral font in a matt thread on their Hemstitched Oxford Pillowcases which look fantastic against the tufted upholstery of their headboard. A brilliant way to celebrate your marriage or civil partnership, the Linen and Letters Lovers Pillows are a playful reminder of how your romance started.

Exquisite Embroidery

Cutwork Monogram Embroidered Linen Bed Runner

If you prefer a more decorative look for your bedroom, a bed runner is a brilliant way to accent your bed.  Easy to switch and change with your moods, a bed runner adds a splash of contrast -breaking up the large surface with detailed stitching and pin tuck pleats. 

Our Monogrammed Bed Runner is a great example, embroidered with a gorgeous cutwork letter-it’s perfect for celebrating your shared name. Our beautifully embroidered monogram adds rich detailing and texture for a luxury finish, while our natural linen is a brilliant choice for a more neutral style.  Paired with our gorgeous decorative bolster cushion, it creates a unified layered look.

The Cutwork Bolster Cushion is a Linen and Letters favourite! It’s unusual shape and contrasting colours make it a stunning statement piece. Made from white linen and adorned with natural linen lace, the ends are then professionally gathered and finished off with a natural linen button.
Featuring our exquisite cutwork monogram, it creates depth and detail by revealing the crisp white linen beneath.  Perfect for on the bed or tucked in a chair, the lovely distinctive cushion adds a unique finishing touch to your bedroom design.

Your Journey

Great British Isle Location hearts Pillow

Finally, who can resist our iconic British Isles Cushion Cover?  Whether you’re from THE NORTH or THE SOUTH, or from rival counties like Yorkshire and Lancashire –the British Isles Cushion celebrates how you come together. A brilliant gift for couples, it’s a beautiful way to share your personal journey. 

Embroidered with the coastal outline of the United Kingdom and Ireland, we can place two markers to highlight your special locations. Whether you choose to highlight where you both grew up or romantic locations like where you were engaged and married –it’s a cute way to show how far you’ve come. Embroidered on medium weight French Linen, you can choose hearts or even stars to represent your special locations.  It’s then embroidered with your names in a modern script font. A contemporary style that will look fantastic on your bed or sofa, the British Isles Cushion Cover may not settle the argument on which place is better, but it’s sure to bring a smile this Valentine’s Day.

Timeless Elegance

French Monogram Corner Linen Pillowcase
Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love and showing your partner how very special they are -by embroidering their initials on their pillow, your saying no one else will do! Add a pair of Linen and Letters Lovers Pillows to your bed and it instantly gives your room a romantic touch.

Our elegant, monogrammed pillowcases have a timelessness that can be styled to match any interior from classic to modern. This Oxford pillowcase looks stunning placed against contemporary floral pillows like these from British designer Joules. Embroidered with a sweeping French L and stitched in a warm mocha thread, the floral font compliments the painted flowers. The radiant linen has a lush texture and is finished with a hemstitched border, giving it a glamorous style. A thoughtful addition to your Valentine’s Day plans, our monograms are stitched with your love.  Make this Valentine’s Day special by giving your partner more of you. By creating a cosy sanctuary from the rest of the world, you’re investing in your relationship together–because anyone that you can live though a global pandemic with -must be worth it! 

So this Valentine’s let Linen and Letters help you transform your bedroom into a romantic haven.  Made from our gorgeous French linen and handmade to order by our craftswomen in Cheshire England we can help you design the perfect gift. From Housewife to Hemstitched and Cushion to Bolster we have gorgeous pillows to fit every style or look.Whether you want to make a bold dramatic statement of your love or to share a subtle message only with each other, Linen and Letters can help you create your vision.Simply find the items you’d like on our website and use the contact box to share your story and let us help you to create a unique bespoke monogram perfect for the two of you!
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