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Spring- and Royal Wedding Fever- is in the Air

With the UK having the longest winter in years, it does not feel like spring is finally here. But, the fact we are now in May is certainly something we can’t deny.

Not that we’d want to, anyway, because here at Linen and Letters we love spring, principally because it’s the perfect time of the year for new beginnings and to put up our fresh linen curtains and change our winter bedding.

Possibly even more exciting than that though is the knowledge that spring is also wedding preparation time. And yes, we all have a big one to look forward to this May. Whether you’re a Royalist or not, the fun-loving and handsome Prince Harry and his lovely Meghan Markle’s wedding vows on May 19 are bound to have most of us glued to our collective TV screen in a couple of month’s time.


Actually, we remember being similarly mesmerised in front of the screen for Lady Di and Prince Charles nuptials back in July 1981 (doesn’t it seem like yesterday!).


Anyhow, here’s hoping our new young couple have a much happier ending…actually we have a very good feeling about the Harry/Meghan pairing.

Meanwhile, in the shop we’re currently updating much of our stock and getting in new pieces to tie in with the changing season. Being monogrammed with any initials you like, our bed linen, pillow covers and table napkins are perfect for any new bride and groom. We can’t help thinking the following font on this 100 per cent linen monogrammed pillowcase with fine Egyptian cotton thread looks very regal and would make the perfect wedding present for Harry and Meghan:

Meanwhile, the monogrammed initial on the following flax linen shower curtains is more contemporary and stands out due to the contrast in colour between the material and the thread.

Again, this is another lovely personalised wedding gift which just needs a waterproof sheet behind it to protect the material – although, having said that, silica in the flax fibre actually protects against rotting (it’s why it was used to wrap Pharaohs in ancient Egypt). This linen shower curtain would actually look beautiful pulled around a claw foot bath:

For an extra-special initialised wedding gift, how about a personalised ring bearer monogrammed linen pillow the bride and groom can keep for evermore? This one has a beautiful rustic bow but it could be colour co-ordinated to match the bridesmaid’s dresses etc:

But what if those young – or elderly - love birds haven’t quite set the date yet? In fact, they may only just have announced their engagement. Then the following is the perfect present – a personalised British Isles throw cushion cover (er, provided they both live here, that is!). We can’t imagine there aren’t any loved-up couples who wouldn’t fall for this lovely keepsake:

Do you have any weddings or engagement parties to attend in the coming months? If so, we’d be happy to help you turn up with a unique, personalised gift by monogramming initials onto our beautiful 100 per cent linen pillows, table runners, napkins etc. Just let us know when the special occasion is and we’ll do the rest. Choose from a selection at our website www.linenandletters.com today.

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