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Style Linen Napkins for any Holiday Table

Thinking of linen napkins immediately conjures visions of elegance, luxury, sophistication and historical styles but that doesn’t mean you are locked in to vintage or antique table settings. Linen napkins can be a gorgeous accent for a broad range of modern interior designs. From nostalgic and rustic styles that remind you of home, to sleek modern looks straight out of the magazines Linen napkins can bring luxury and glamour to any setting. With the holidays coming upit’s the perfect chance to use your imagination to create stunning table settings your guests will love! Let Linen and Letters help inspire your holiday table with some of our linen napkin stylings!

Vintage Inspired Christmas Classic

Red Linen Napkin with white French Monogram 
For a nostalgic Christmas style, we started looking at the 1950s. Known for its kitsch graphic styles and bold designs, the1950s evokes the picture-perfect snowbanks and warm toasty fires of a traditional family Christmas. Here we’re using that 1950s inspiration to create a bold classic Christmas look-perfect for mid-century interiors.

On the snowy white table setting our Linen and Letters Red Linen Napkin steals the show! Embroidered with a large snowy-white monogram and finished with a white scalloped stitch edge, it makes a dynamic Christmas statement.
We’ve tied a simple knot in one end and placed it front and centre on our Sophia Conran coupe plates. Paired with a snowflake placemat made from bright red felt-like these from Walton & Co -the placemat adds a high contrast pop from the classic white table. We combined this with Alessi’s Nuovo Milano Cutlery set designed by Ettore Sottsass. A classic tableware design that features soft rounded handles and is intended to gently blend into any table setting –they offer dramatic high shine, in a soft neutral style.
Finally accent your table with a vibrant pine bough centrepiece and you have the iconic red, white and green of a 1950s Christmas card! 

British Tableware with Contemporary Texture 

grey linen napkin with silver grey French monogram

Highlighting contemporary British tableware, here we’ve combined different textured pieces for a sleek modern style. We start with a dark slate place mat by Just Slate -handcrafted in Scotland from the finest slate, these place mats have a soft foam backing and are finished with a food grade coating.  A fantastic way to add natural stone texture to your table setting, the slate’s dark colour and rough finish makes a strong contrast to the gleaming smooth white porcelain.

For our tableware we chose British designer Sophie Conran’s iconic white porcelain coupe plates by Portmeirion.  Portmeirion is based in Stoke-on-Trent and has been creating contemporary tableware since the 1960s. I love the soft ripples that swirl across the surface and the unique organic shapes of the plates they combinhand-crafted style with minimalist modern lines.

And as a final accent we have used the lovely Linen and Letters Dove Grey Linen Napkin to add a soft woven contrast to the table setting.Made by our team of craftswomen based in Cheshire, each Linen and Letters napkin is handmade and then embroidered with your personal design. 

The Linen and Letters Dove Grey Napkin is monogrammed with a silver grey thread to add a subtle shimmer that highlights the exquisite embroidery. Whether you choose to use a family initial or to personalise each one as a gorgeous table gift for your guests, our linen napkin provides a personal touch that takes simple British inspired table design to the next level.

Millennium Pink & Rose Gold

Grey Linen Monogram Napkin with Rose gold Accents

Christmas tables don’t need to be all about red and green -palette of grey tones makes a brilliant canvas for trendy accent colours like millennial pink. Here we started with some rose gold cutlery -like these from Royal Design -and the Linen and Letters Grey Monogram Napkin. We’ve gently draped then napkin over the plate for an effortless effect, while the embroidered monogram offers an elegant focal point. It’s soft looping design is inspired by the French countryside and stitched in a soft grey thread that offers a subtle sophistication to your table.  

We then created a layered grey table setting first with a textured grey IKEA Marit placemat. The cotton has a distinct corded texture that gives it a thin striped pattern. On top we’ve placed a fabulous wreath placemat from IKEA’s Winter 2016 collection. Though it’s a simple plastic mat, the contrast between the dark grey mat and the white wreath pattern gives it a striking style, and I love the way the wreath branches just peek out from under the plate.  

Finally, we’ve added a sprinkling of pink foil confetti to bring it all together. A gorgeous festive table setting in soft contemporary colours, the Linen and Letters Grey Monogrammed Napkins add an effortless glamour to your holiday table.

Rich Jewel Tones and Shimmering Gold for a Luxurious Table Setting

Royal Blue Gold place setting with white linen monogram napkins

If ever there’s a time to for glitz and glamour, it’s definitely Christmas! In a season of sparkling excitement, your table setting wants to stand out. Here we have combined a rich blue sapphire jewel tone with reflective gold accents to create a high glamour luxury look.

We started with a royal blue brocade tablecloth and added a matching placemat with a delicate gold foil print. We chose an elegant vintage china plate that shows just a hint of blue at the golden edge and paired it with glossy gold cutlery.  Against this decadent table setting the woven linen of the Linen and Letters Monogrammed White Napkin offers a refined accent. The pressed translucent linen adds a depth and contrast to the royal blue place setting.

Finally, to unite the table setting design we’ve chosen a chunky wooden napkin ring with a textured gold-leaf decoration under a smooth lacquer finish –a splash of gold that draws your eye to the napkin’s beautiful monogram. Embroidered with a subtle matte thread in a French country font, the two-letter monogram offers a unique bespoke personalisation.  An historically-inspired design that recalls the sophistication of the pastour linen napkinadd a timeless elegance to a luxurious holiday table.

Rustic Beauty with Natural Linen

Rustic Natural Linen with Red Monogram and edging

While white and grey linen are often used for formal table designs, choosing natural linen opens a world of shabby chic styles. Here we’re using the Linen and Letters Linen Serviette with Christmas Red Monogram as the centrepiece of a rustic table setting.

The natural linen has a rich texture that is complimented by the brilliant red embroidery and wavey scallop stitched edge.  I love the big bold monogram, which transforms the simple napkin into a statement piece.  Here we’ve paired it with a rustic wood placemat and a Villa d’est Home Tivoli Imperial Glass Plate.
The patterned glass plate creates a sparkling pave effect-yet doesn’t overpower the table setting. We have then accented the plate with a band of red picot edge ribbon, to add a splash of Christmas red. Combined with a cut glass tumbler and a simple cutlery pattern, you have a practical elegance perfect for relaxed celebrations.

Finally, finish off with a festive centre piece made of seasonal  holly branches to add natural warmth and beauty to your design. A lovely way to dress up a shabby chic table, the Linen and Letters Linen Natural Serviette brings a rustic glamour to the holiday season.

Linen: A Practical Environmental Choice

Natural Flax linen

Made from a natural flax fibre, linen has been used for table settings for centuries.  Stronger than cotton, linen is surprisingly durable and hard-wearing-which makes it a smart environmental choice.  Linen fabrics age beautifully and get a lovely softness over time. Amazingly it’s easy to clean too -you can just pop it in the washing machine on a 40-degree wash! 

A great material for napkins, linen is known for its absorbency, yet it also dries quickly. An heirloom quality material that improves the more you use it, Linen tablecloths and napkins offer historic practicality and contemporary beauty.  Handmade in in the UK from exquisite French linen ,Linen and Letters produces high quality, beautiful products that help you achieve the home of your dreams.

Holiday Table setting Inspirations

So, whatever your personal style or wherever you find your inspiration, linen napkins can be dressed up or down to achieve your desired look.  Available in a range of linen fabrics, in several napkin styles and with a selection of gorgeous monogram designs-you can create a bespoke napkin unlike any other. 

Whether you’re hosting a lavish grand gala or a casual dinner party for friends, Linen and Letters napkins can transform any table setting by adding fine woven textures, unique personalised embroidery, refined character and timeless sophistication.

Linen and Letters Giveaway

Enter the Linen and Letters Instagram Competition!

Now that we've sparked your imagination, it’s time to create your own fantastic table setting and enter our Linen & Letters Napkin Competition on Instagram! Simply take a photo of your Thanksgiving Table and popover to @LinenandLetters for details on how to enter!

During the first week of December, the winner will be chosen at random and will receive a set of six of our exquisite French linen napkins and the lucky winner may choose their favourite napkin design and bespoke embroidery too! As you’ve seen, our linen napkins are heirloom pieces you will use for any -and every -special occasion!
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