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Some Spookily Good Halloween Decor Ideas

The onset of autumn may signal the end of summer but on the plus side, it’s a fabulous time to hunker down and get cosy with the family. And there’s also the fact that here at Linen and Letters we can start planning our Halloween decor.

We’ve been having fun doing this for years and obviously, we’re not the only ones who like to go to town for Hallows Eve (and the week beforehand). Here are some wonderful – and practical - examples of Halloween decor right here:

There’s a bit of an Adams Family feel about this Halloween fireplace thanks to the squint black picture frames. The dried flowers and LED candles are also very effective in creating an overall freaky feel:

Linen & Letters Halloween Decor

Image via Magment

Now the following image shows some very sophisticated Halloween decor. Just look at the co-ordinating black and white chequered candles and pumpkins. The bats would be easy to cut out from black cardboard then pinned to a piece of white muslin:

 Halloween Bats

Add some vintage elegance with some dried roses, silver candlesticks and a lovely white linen tablecloth. It all adds up to a very subtle – but still spooky - Halloween sensation:

Halloween Candles

Image via Weddingideasmag


Actually, if you’re thinking of having a Halloween dinner party then why not consider creating a spooky rustic centrepiece like these white and silver pumpkins wrapped in twigs (note the little ones filled with pumpkin chunks to add to the soup)? If it’s too difficult to find non-orange pumpkins in the UK then just spray paint yours silver and white – or any colour to match your tableware, come to think of it...


Image via EverydayHomeBlog

And talking of dinner tables... we’ve come up with our own Linen and Letters spooky’ish table napkins. These are great for adding a fun touch of class this autumn. They’re produced from 100 per cent natural grey flax linen and embroidered with a four inch trio monogram in pumpkin orange with a dark green strand of leaves. The corners have also been mitred. Take a look:

Meanwhile, regardless of age we all love getting a little spooked – don’t we? And that’s just as well if you plan on visiting the following house later this month. Looks like someone has been having lots of fun with the discarded hands of shop mannequins and a few packets of false nails:

Scary Fingernails

Image via Bjhrz


We loved this simple way to create a rather sophisticated – but still spooky – pumpkin with merely a piece of embroidered black net. Sit it on some antiquated reading material from a second hand book shop for the full Miss Havisham effect:

Lacey pumpkin

Image via DesignStyle


This is a bit freaky, but what a fabulous way to add glamour to a Halloween skull centrepiece with bits of old costume jewellery. And no doubt, great fun to make. This was actually used for a Halloween wedding. Who was the groom – Dracula?

Scull with jewellery

Image via Tumblr

And if you’re planning on having a full-blown Halloween drinks party, then make sure your guests don’t overdo the booze side of things by giving them a not-so-gentle reminder of how yeuch they’ll feel the next day:

Pumpkin being sick

Image via Pinterest

How about you? Do you have any fab Halloween decorating ideas? If so, we’d love to hear them. Meanwhile, while you’re here, why not take a look through some of our latest all-year-round lovely linen commissions right here.

Happy Halloween!

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