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We think it's Curtains for Blinds!

You know that at Linen & Letters we love our French inspired Linen Curtains for their privacy, their beauty, and the gorgeous glow they bring to your room. But if you are not sure of the best window treatment for your home, then check out the options 

Roman Blinds
 Roman Blinds

As the name suggests, this style of blind was originally used by the Romans, who hung wet cloth in their windows to keep out the dust.The design hasn’t changed much since, so you can tell they are a dependable curtain. As they are raised the fabric folds neatly in a stack, giving them a more furnished look than some other types of blinds.They have a smart tailored appearance and are usually custom-made for the window.  

Unfortunately, the stacked fabric leaves the top of the window blocked, reducing the light, and giving the window a darktop-heavy look.  The strings are also prone to knotting and cheaper models may begin to raise unevenly.  The mechanism for Roman blinds also hatapes on the back of the curtain, which face outwards, and may not look attractive from the street.

Classic Design
Furnished Look
Tailored Appearance
Custom Made

Reduced Light
Top Heavy Look
Knotted Cords
Visible Tapes

Venetian Blinds
Venetian Blinds of 70's
Despite the name Venetian blinds were probably invented by the Persians. The French still call this style of blind “Les Persienes” in reference to this history! Aluminium mini-blinds began didn’t really make a modern impact to till the 1960s when futuristic inspired styles became mainstream. Affordable and available in bright colours, they brought a fresh contemporary style that suited the space-age design of the 60s & 70s.  

Venetian Blinds hit their max popularity in the 1980s. They were easily affordable and matched the graphic styles of the time. The ability to raise and lower the blind while also rotating the slats allowed you to control exactly how much light entered the room. They were also offered in faux wood stylewhich were finally suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.  Practical and versatile, horizontal blinds are a popular design still used in homes around the world.  

Despite their popularity, Venetian blinds are prone to some problems. They are notoriously difficult to clean and easily collect dust. They’ve even invented special brushes to run  between several slats at once –but even these are still difficult to use, as the slats rarely slot into the brush easily. Also due to their popularity they are extensively mass-produced, and they can often be of poor quality -quite fragile and prone to breaking. It’s not uncommon for the ends of the slats to get damaged and break off. Also due to the mechanism and design, Venetian blinds are unfortunately unsuitable for many thin or narrow windows.  Finally, the small slats create a busy dense texture that doesn’t fit with the simplicity of many modern homes.

Complete Light Control
Endless Finishes

Difficult to Clean
Poor Quality–Break Easily
Busy Striped Texture
Unsuitable for many Windows

Roller Blinds
Roller Blind
Like the Venetian blinds, at the turn of the century, roller blinds were mostly used in office buildings. But they boomed in popularity in the 1940s, when war rationing limited how much fabric was available.The roller blind used much less material to cover the window than draping curtains did.  Roller blinds have recently enjoyed a resurgence, where new printing processes have created blinds with vibrant patterns and photographic scenes.These have offered an amazing level of personalisation, letting you print you favourite photo or match your  interior design perfectly.But despite these trendy new patterns, the roller blind has still struggled to overcome it’s many challenges.

Modern roller blinds can be prone to listing. Some mechanisms don’t roll the material up evenly, causing it to bunch at one end of the roller. This constant friction can wear and fray the edge of the curtain, making it look untidy and damaged.It’s also difficult to conceal the roller mechanism, meaning when the blind is open the bulky curtain is still visible at the top of the window.The roller blinds efficient use of material also means it can be difficult to prevent gaps around the edge of the window.

Personalised Patterns
Efficient Use of Material

Prone to Fraying Edges
Easily Tilts to one side
Bulky Roller when pulled to the Top 

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds are a surprisingly modern trend compared to other window treatments. They were first developed in the 1960s.  They were intended to be easier to clean than Venetian Blinds, and they were more suitable for the large pane windows of mid-century architecture. The style is less busy than the densely striped mini-blinds, and the vertical panels help rooms feel taller.

Despite the larger panels, they aren’t easier to clean. The sheer height of vertical blinds means there is a lot of movement which makes them difficult to clean when they are assembled –and taking them apart is a time-consuming nightmare!  This height also means Vertical blinds are also prone to flapping loudly if the widow is open.  Vertical blinds can be easily damaged by pets and children looking through the window. While Venetian blinds and roller blinds can be raised out of the way-Vertical blinds can only be pulled to the side 
leaving a mass of chains and weights to be tangled in.  Vertical blinds are also limited in their application, as they are often not suitable for small or narrow windows.

Distinct Style
Rooms Appear Taller
Less Prone to Dust
Suitable for Large Windows

Difficult to Clean
Noisy as they Flap
Easy to Damage
Not suitable for All Windows

Wooden Shutters
Wooden Shutters
Wooden shutters have been used for centuries, but recently they have enjoyed a revival. Rather than solid panelsmodern shutters have louvered slats that are similar to horizontal blinds. The slats come in different sizes, but as they are fixed within the frame, they are easier to clean than typical blinds.  Shutters have a smart tidy style, and they offer complete privacy when closed.

Shutters are quite an expensive option though. They must be custom-made and fitted to each window.  The wooden frame around the louvred slats can be quite thick and reduce the light coming through the window.  Shutters are also completely solid, they can bounce the light into the room, but they can’t soften it.  They can seem quite hard and harsh –they don’t necessarily soften the room to create a cosy feel.

Easy to Clean
Smart Clean Lines
Easily Adjusted
Made to Measure

Reduces Room Light
Hard Look
Difficult to open Fully

Cellular Blinds
Cellular Blinds
Cellular blinds are another new comer to the market. They were invented in the mid-1980s, with their multi-layer honey-comb design offering insulation and thus energy savings. You’d expect in our environmentally conscience world, these curtains would be wildly popular!

Unfortunately, with cellular blinds you can’t really control how much light is coming through the window. The multi-layer honeycomb design is inherently dark and blocks out the light.  The thin material that forms the cells often feels dangerously fragile and delicate. When open, cellular blinds are held up by a simple catch, which has a reputation for breaking -leaving you with a curtain that is constantly falling down.  Cellular blinds can also be difficult to raise evenly, making them look untidy. Finally, the unusual honeycomb design can look a bit odd, as cellular blinds don’t compliment every interior.

Good Insulating Properties
Honeycomb Design
Unusual Look

Reduced Light
Flimsy Construction
Prone to Breaking
Unusual Design

Window Film
Window Film
One solution does away with window treatments altogether.Adhesive window film can be applied to the window, adding either a texture to the glass to disrupt your view or adding a decorative pattern. Available in several patterns and styles, it’s a very quick and affordable privacy solution, especially in rented accommodation.

But window films are a semi-permanent solution, you can’t just pull back a corner to peek out through the window. Your view is permanently blocked until you choose to remove the film.Applying window film is also a surprisingly difficult process–in practice the films often leave irritating bubbles beneath the surfaced.
Window film can be difficult to cut neatly, often leaving gaps and messy edges, while the film’s corners can peel back over time-again looking untidy. The fixed window film can leave a room feeling cold and unfinished, like an undressed window.

Semi Permanent
Textured or Decorative Patterns

Completely Blocks View
Hard To Apply
Peels at Corners 
May Look Unfinished

Our Lovely Linen Curtains and Sheers
Linen & Letters Cafe Curtains
Of course, we’re biased, but our beautiful linen curtains really shine above the rest! Inspired by the linen curtains found in France and Italy, these curtains offer continental practicality and British design. The imported French linen fills your home with a lovely soft light, and still offers privacy from neighbours and potential thieves.

When it comes to practicality, linen is a natural fibre well known for its durability. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, simply pop you curtains in your washing machine on a 40 °C gentle cycle and iron while still damp!

Sheer Natural Linen Panels
With no fussy slats or tangled strings, our made-to-measure curtains can perfectly fit any size window -from narrow door sidelights to large picture windows. Whether you want:
  • to prevent passers-by from peering in your windows
  • to screen off an undesirable view
  • a half-curtain for over your kitchen sink so you can look out while washing the dishes
  • to simply have a bath in peace without worrying about the neighbours looking over and getting an eyeful!
Bathroom Linen Curtains

**We can create an exquisite custom-made curtain, that provides the privacy you need.**

Linen Tie Up Privacy Curtain
Linen has a warm welcoming quality often missing from other window treatments. Available in a range of styles from elegant minimalist panels to decorative tie-up curtains with embroidered valanceswe can create lovely linen curtains to match your interior style.

Two Levels of Privacy
Beautiful Light
Exquisite French Linen
Easy to Clean
Modern and Traditional Styles
Made-to Measure
Made In England

So, there you have eight classic window privacy solutions, hopefully you’ll find the perfect solution for you home! If you would like to discuss how we can help transform your home into a personal haven of beautiful light and timeless elegance, contact me at Jacq@linenandletters.com.
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