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Wedding Table Linens - Should You Hire or Buy?

You want every detail to be perfect on your wedding day- but it’s so expensive! It feels like as soon as anyone hears the word wedding the price jumps at least 20 percent! So, figuring out where to invest your budget is a priority when creating the event of your dreams.

Lovely wedding table dressed in a white linen tablecloth and large pale pink roses.

Tablecloths and napkins are one of those small wedding details that is easy to overlook - but it’s one of the few items that every guest will touch and experience. While the flowers and decorations are a feast for the eyes, your reception tables can give your guest’s a luxury experience they’ll remember forever.

Charcoal gray linen napkin, folded on a black plate with a decorate floral sprig.

Initially you might assuming hiring your table linens is the obvious choice, but the hidden costs can really add up! First off there’s the rental fee – which looks a bit cheaper – but at the end of the night the table linens go back to the company, and you’ll have nothing for your money. Then add on extra charges like delivery costs and extortionate damage fees and suddenly hiring your table linens is actually expensive!

A view down a long wedding table dressed with a white linen tablecloth, with fine china and centrepieces.

When you purchase your wedding tablecloths and napkins you choose exactly the look and experience you want to create. From rustic romance to classic elegance, your table linens help create your vision. You don’t have to settle for the cheap materials supplied by hire companies - you can choose the perfect fabric to fit your theme. You don’t even have to settle for the classic white linens! You can choose dramatic darks or romantic dusky colours to create a completely unique look for your reception. Purchasing your linens gives you complete creative control and is the best way to ensure every detail is right.

Two hands holding a stack of fine linen napkins, in a range of soft colours

But what will you do with all those tablecloths after the wedding? The obvious answer is you now have an instant supply of table clothes for Christmas parties, anniversaries, and other events. A lovely keepsake from your special day, you can easily have them altered to perfectly fit your dining table. Or your lovely napkins can make a unique wedding favour, letting your guests take a piece of your wedding home with them at the end of the night! My favourite idea is making a lovely thank-you gift for your bridesmaids. After the wedding wrap up a gorgeous tablecloth with a set of eight napkins and you’ve got a practical gift your bridesmaids will love!

A white linen tablecloth on a rectangular table with rustic ladder back chairs.   If you’d like to offset the costs of buying your table linens, you can always sell them after your wedding. There is a thriving second-hand market for wedding supplies – and once you subtract the sale price from your original cost – it’s often works out cheaper than they would be to hire! But if listing your table linens for sale feels like too much effort, they are often a welcome donation. It’s lovely way to give back to your local church and say thank-you for hosting your ceremony!

A rustic table dressed with white linen tablecloth. A long thin terracotta napkin hangs across each plate and over the edge of the table.

There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from, but we’d recommend linen for a gorgeous modern finish. Made from completely natural fibres, linen has a luscious luminosity and texture that can’t be replicated. And rather than the plastic mass-produced feeling created by cheaper fabrics, it gives your tables a unique authenticity.

A luscious wedding table with an exquisite floral centrepiece, white gilded plates and a fine linen runner in the centre.

In addition to our collections of beautiful tablecloths and napkins, we also do linen runners which are perfect for creating dynamic table designs that layer materials and colours to create a visual feast!

If you’re inspired to get started or would like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you!

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