Welsh Country Cottage Inspiration at its Best - Linen and Letters

Welsh Country Cottage Inspiration at its Best

It's been just over a year since we moved back to England from France and my house is spilling over with French vintage memorabilia from pots and pans to baskets, artwork and of course linen.


Linen and Letters French Vintage

It has taken me all this time to get organised because what worked in one house does not always work in the next. I've also tried to keep the daily chores of family life down to a minimum. so the daily "house rebuild" (all 4 children still live at home) is done just first thing in the morning.  But, I am definitely enjoying one real bonus and that is I no longer have to read or speak French e.g visiting the doctors and dentist is a breeze and something that I took for granted until I lived in France where communication in these serious areas was very difficult for me.

So, my inspirational juices have finally started flowing again and I am looking forward to 2017 to introduce some more luxurious linen curtains and products for you all.  I love clean simple designs which is most likely acquired from my French experience and enjoy using quality components.  My sheer curtains and linen accessories can be layered with vintage furniture pieces and less than perfect artefacts to achieve a fresh and inviting home.  There is a lot of great resources on the internet to help with decorating your home but I still enjoy flicking through magazines with their rich photography and current trends. One of my favourites is Country Living Magazine available in both the UK and US.  So much so that when they asked me to be featured in their "Country Collections" section this month I jumped at the chance.  Let's see if any of the English readers seek me out.

So how do you achieve that rustic cottage look where the house is stripped back to its original features and you sympathetically decorate.  There is a great article here about an 18th Century Welsh Cottage restoration with its original stone floors and uneven walls.  


Welsh Cottage Country Living Magazine

"Mid-century furniture, industrial-style lamps and eye-catching cushions introduce contemporary touches in the sitting room – and this appealing blend of old and new can be seen throughout the cottage" ~ by Naomi Jones 4 Jan 2017 Country Living Magazine

January is a great time to update your home and complete those projects you have been forever meaning to do.  Send me a message if you are struggling with an awkward window or not sure of where to start and I will do my best to help.  I look forward to working with you. Thanks for reading ~ Jacq

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