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Linen and Letters

Heirloom Baby Crib Rail Cover

Heirloom Baby Crib Rail Cover

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  • Padded Cover 30 inches (front to back)
  • Netting 20 inches tall. 

Useful information
UK Standard mattress size is 60cm x 170cm (24 x 48 inches)
UK Cot bed mattress size is 70cm x 140cm (27 x 55 inches)
USA Standard mattress size is 27 wide x 52 inches

>>> Further customisation, sizes and colours available. Just message me

The top section is made with 100% linen shown here in 'natural' and a white centre. The front has three rows of tailored pleats and is personalised with your choice of monogram or embroidery theme (see 2nd image of listing for available designs). It is securely attached to the top rail with fastening tape sewn to the inside of the cover along with a pair of ties and is trimmed with a row of cotton embroidery anglais. The inside is padded using a pre washed polyester batting.

The padded rail cover is made with a sheer white linen enabling you to still see through to the inside of the cot. It is an open weave fabric which allows the air to flow freely. The screen is oversized in height enabling you to use the three sets of 'natural' ties to secure the screen to the rails of your cot at the desired height.

Linen Facts (just a few)
> Linen originates from the flax plant and is one of the world's oldest fabrics. Mummies have been found wrapped in linen shrouds dating as far back as 4500 B.C! Proving is lasts a very long time
> Flax yarns and fabrics increase about 20% in strength on wetting and before it will first begin to feel damp
> Linen fibres are hollow, moving air and moisture naturally
> Linen has many health properties and has been known to be tolerable for those with allergies and to soothe skin conditions.

This makes it the Rolls Royce of fabrics and should be your first choice for your baby.


Made from medium weight 100% Linen and light weight 50/50 linen/polyester

More Embroidery

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