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Linen and Letters

White Linen Hemstitched Embroidered Monogram Pillow Sham

White Linen Hemstitched Embroidered Monogram Pillow Sham

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A handmade deliciously luxurious 100% pure linen pillow sham with a custom coloured machine embroidered monogram and matching hemstitched border beautiful and elegant to complete your bedding and would make a perfect heirloom wedding or anniversary present.

Whilst living in France, I discovered the only bed linen for a sumptuous night's sleep was 100% linen. It keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and allows the body to breathe. Once you have tried it you will never go back to cotton.

Sizes available :

  • Standard Pillow sham 20 x 26 inches (insert not included)
  • Queen Pillow sham 20 x 30 inches (insert not included)
  • King Pillow sham 20 x 36 inches (insert not included)
  • Throw Pillow 12 x 20 inches including insert

Once your order has been received we will start working on your monogram and email you a proof for your approval before starting work

What size curtain do I order?

If you are ordering curtains...depending on the look you are trying to achieve you will want to order extra width in addition to the size of your window. There are 3 possible 'looks' as options :-

a) Soft Folds

-The most popular option which will achieve soft folds. Order 1.5x the width of your window. Suitable for embroidered curtains where you can position the fabric in a way that will best show off the embroidery.

For example, if your window measures 48 inches wide and you want to achieve soft folds then order either 1 panel 72 inches (48 + 24 = 72) or 2 panels 36 inches wide.

b) Gathers

For a ripple affect order a curtain approx. 2x the width of the window. This will provide the most privacy but will not work if you wish to have a monogram etc. as it will be hidden within the gathers.

c) Flat

This has become more popular in recent times if you want the curtain to hang flat and is more suited to curtains which have a rod pockets both at the top and bottom or those made from our 100% medium weight linen. In this case, just a couple of extra inches will make sure the glass is completely covered.

If you still are not sure and need help just click the 'ask a question' button above and send us a message. We are always glad to help!

Medium Weight 100% Pure Linen

The highest quality European linen

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