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Cosy Up with Waffle Linen

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. With a sudden chill in the air, I’m breaking out my lovely warm jumpers and snuggly blankets. I love transforming my home into a cosy warm space. Adding accessories with rich textures and dusky colours, give even bright spaces a comforting relaxed vibe. This year I’m thrilled to adding this gorgeous linen waffle to the mix!

A Waffle Linen blanket rolled upon a white linen bed.

I’m loving the versatility of these waffle linen blankets. In the bedroom they a perfect for curling up under on lazy Sunday mornings - while breaking-up your bed surface, creating depth and adding a cosy texture to your room.  In the living room, these soft linen blankets add a touch of luxury, as you snuggle up with a hot drink and your favourite book.  The beautiful waffle linen instantly adds a comfort and cosiness to your favourite space.

Aplod Apothacary Hygge Candle lifestyle photo by

Paired with some lovely candles - like these cute Hygge candles by Apold Apothecary which are made locally here in Cheshire - and you’ve created a cosy corner to curl up and relax with your favourite film.

Three Linen & Letters waffle linen cushion covers stacked on a grey sofa.

I love how easily you can transform the feel of a room simply by changing you cushion covers! Bringing in new colours and fresh style, you can instantly give your home a trendy update. Just a pop of autumnal ochre can give your home a seasonal style while a touch of charcoal grey can comfortably ground your space. Our collection of waffle linen cushions covers, let you choose from a range of dusky timeless colours that complement so many interior styles.

On left side a stack of folded cushion covers in sage green, terracotta & ocher. On right side a stack of folded cushion covers dusky lavender, charcoal grey and dusky pink.

Waffle weave is a historical woven fabric, that creates little honeycomb cells that help the fabric breath and traps little pockets of air.  Thus waffle weave was valued for its warmth and absorbency. Combining this with linen’s naturally absorbent qualities - our linen waffle is the ideal fabric for towels. The unique construction dries quickly preventing any musty smells, and its compact size is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

A Linen & Letters sage green waffle linen towel, draped on a wooden stool next to a sleek modern bathtub.

I love how the soft textured fabric adds contrast to your smooth gleaming bathroom fixtures and compliments your tiles. Available in three sizes - face cloths, hand towels, and bath towels – you can be pampered from morning till night. These timeless waffle towels create a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. A decadent treat on those cool dark nights, running a lovely hot bath with your favourite scents is a great way to relax.

A stack of Linen & letters white linen waffle weave towels. Face cloth, on a hand towel, one a bath towel - placed on a bamboo chair.

I can’t wait to try the Pamper Box by Manchester Soap Company. Their local handmade products are available in a range of scents, that are sure to recharge and energise you on those long evenings. A brilliant way to warm up after a long day, an at home spa experience is a great way to carve out some personal self-care time.

Manchester Soap Company - Pamper Box - Botanical Bath Salts.  Photo -

If you’re lucky enough to have a little child in your home, we also make an adorable, hooded towel just for them! Made from the same gorgeous linen, these towels are perfect for wrapping up chubby little arms and legs as soon as they come out of the bath. The handy hood helps keep them toasty - and helps keep the towel on - even if your giggly toddler decides to dash off! The beautifully soft linen is the perfect choice for delicate baby skin, and you know your baby has the very best.

A toddler stood wrapped in a Linen & Letters waffle linen hooded towel.

A wonderful way to welcome the cooler weather, our luxurious waffle linen helps you create a cosy serene space to relax and recharge!  Visit the Linen & Letters shop, to explore our waffle weave accessories and discover our custom embroidery service!

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