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Ivory Sheer Linen Voile Panel

Ivory Sheer Linen Voile Panel

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    Tall light sheer linen window curtain ideal for classic window dressing with french and European styling. Simple refinement allowing it to be at home in any room of your house as a full window curtain or shorter cafe curtain.

    Handmade ivory linen curtain panel allowing light to enter the room having a transparent characteristic. The top section has a pocket to insert a narrow rod for hanging but equally you could use pinch clip rings.

    I have added several rows of pleated pintucks as a design feature and the bottom has a decorative luxurious rayon chain stitched hem. All seams have been professionally surged and finished. Can be hung finished at the bottom of your window of ordered oversized to they puddle on the floor. It's your personal preference.

    What size of curtain do I order?

    Depending on the look you are trying to achieve you will want to order extra width in addition to the size of your window unless you want the curtain to hang flat in which case a couple of extra inches will make sure the glass is completely covered.

    For a ripple affect order a curtain approx. 1.3x the width. To achieve soft folds order 1.5x and for gathers 2x

    For example, if your window measures 48 inches wide and you want to achieve soft folds then order either 1 panel 72 inches (48 + 24 = 72) or 2 panels 36 inches wide.

    If you still are not sure and need help just click the 'ask a question button above and send us a message. We are always glad to help!


    Light weight 50/50 linen/polyester

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